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So Frustrated

I don’t think I’ve ever used this particular dragon so maybe I’m wrong, but the warcry doesn’t seem to have any offensive capabilities. Yet when I’m playing vs them they spit constantly and damage my dragons for 500-1000 plus then every other turn use their actual listed abilities.

I’ve played vs similar dragons in the past who seemingly don’t have offensive skills but just keep wrecking me. Normally I can push past, but I’m not even getting through phase 1 of 4 on this level without losing everyone on my team. Just seems so unbalanced.

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Their 'spit" is the same as you using tiles

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I get it, but if I had that dragon there wouldn’t be a spit. It’s bad enough that I have to battle 15 dragons (20 on this level) who are all jacked up beyond what is possible for us, but now I have to play vs the jacked up dragons with more abilities?

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Looks like its yellow and green dragons you will be battling. Have 2 high purple dragons, and 2 high red dragons.

There would be a spot. the spit is represents the normal.attack which is the same as when you do a tile attack


I see the game or. it’s better than the game I play at mobidescagar