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So glad I waited instead of playing the AI

Did you win?

yeah! he is a bad guy!
kill’em all!

sorry, bro :laughing:
that’s not my fault. The matching system is wrong :smiley:

What’s interesting to me is the population of players you get matched against in the Underdark League, of which we both are currently members of. (Ending with a preposition like a boss.)

When I match vs a player without the bot prompt, it’s usually within 200 trophies, which seems normal to me.

Then when I wait for a player, I’d say about 75% are >3,500 trophies and 25% are under. This distribution would surprise me if I were expecting unbiased matchmaking.

Without bias, we expect a pyramid distribution, with higher numbers of players at lower trophy counts and fewer with higher. Indeed this is what we saw with the 2.4.18 when everyone in Arena level 7 was matched up against each other.

Therefore, matchmaking, for the Underdark League at least, preferentially selects players from the higher three leagues.

I guess welcome to the butt-monkey league of the new matchmaking algorithm.

I got airborne yesterday when waiting too. Couldn’t even dent any of his characters :slight_smile: