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So good fuses are dead now?

In all seriousness…yeah I‘m used to getting bad fuses, but now for all new hybrids it seems that 10s are appearing with a chance of 75-80%. I saved up thousands of DNA for new hybrids and I‘m even getting dozens of 10s on epics like f.e. Indom Gen II.
My Indo Gen II is at 180/250 (should be 200 btw) and 11 fuses were 10s…:rage::rage:

Someone else?


Everything’s normal on my end. I still get good fuses.

Yes same. 10 10

I got a 90 on Indom Gen 2, followed by what could very well be my highest chain of 10s ever.

Habe to correct myself. 15 10s. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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10 and 20. Guess the other hybrids will be worse. Never had that much „misfortune“, not even with Spinonyx and Magna. :confused:

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Most of times 10 and 20 for me. Do yes I’m experiencing same thing

I got Thylacotator in four fuses and got 80 on my first fuse of Indominus 2. I think it’s just you, bud…

i only get 10s and a few 30s, not more, and i’ve been fusing a lot of suchotator and all the new hybrids, the same thing happen

So I created that epic Brontoterium hybrid thing and had 9 10s in a row. Ridiculous. :joy::joy:

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They’re definitely NOT dead! I must have gotten your good fuses for the past few days.

Even had a 50 on a unique yesterday. Nah, no change detected.

I definately noticed that today. Not one over 30 and I’ve done many fuses.

Rng is still rng sometime it screws you sometimes you get a 70 and 90 on your first to indom gen 2 fuses.

When im getting 10s i like to go fuse a rare for a while till i get something higher then go backbto fusing uniques.

I have more 10s when Fusing Indo G² than any other Hybrid.
For Indom G² I had some 40, one or two 50 and a 100!

Keep getting tons of 10’s. Wierdly, as some of you said, mostly in Indo gen 2

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It’s the new magna!

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If all get Big fuses by creating the top dino or the NEW creatures… everyone habe they soon, than it is boring, and the people want NEW ones… and the next Update

It’s still just dumb luck. I make indo g2 on 6 fuses, I got a 70 on Indom G2.

I just got a 60 on my Erlidom and I remember having back to back 70’s yesterday doing one of the new hybrids, so I apologize for taking all the good ones everybody!