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So Grylenken kinda sucks

I really want to love this thing, but it just falls short all the time. Especially with that low HP - why on earth does it have to be that low? Even Phoru has higher HP.

Am I using her wrong? Is she any good and I’m just not finding the best use? Should I swap her out for another dino for this tournament?


The way I would see her best is against things that aren’t immune or can bypass evasion, infact, it can be annoying as IG2 when used properly. You can go ES and then spam distraction and once your SRC has done enough work, go for the killl with ranking claws!

It’s got some good match ups, I’ve been using it mostly just for the novelty of it. Just go ES first, then spam distraction. Don’t use RC unless it’ll net you the kill guaranteed. If Grylenken is going to go down for sure, use Immobilize to make sure they can’t escape your next dino. Even if they are immune to the stun, that 2 turn pin can be priceless.

I do think it needs higher hp. Phorusaura is kinda broken in comparison since it has in essence an unblockable 2800 rampage plus sidestep, and it can run out to stun it’s way back in. 3600 HP and 1400 attack with that kit is nuts. If it had high health and low attack or it was a glass cannon, that’d be fine. But right now it’s out of whack. Grylenken needs some love for sure to measure up.


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I got a good super hybrid for him

This or



He’s not exclusive so he sucks. JWA works like that unfortunately

Imo he needs a big rework. Not only his moveset sucks, it also makes no sense. Seems that Ludia confused Gryposuchus with Grypolyth, hence the counter :laughing:

Ferocious Strike
Immune to Decel
No Escape
25% Rending Counter

It has potential the only thing really stopping from being great is the low hp.