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So, Hardos Lux raid is 4 rounds long

and Grypoly raid is 3, as determined by Gamepress’s datamine article. Thoughts?

Personally, I think 4 for Lux is a bit much. Lux is already 5x harder to beat than Mortem boss with those monster minions that go with it with group shattering impact and massive damage; 2 rounds would have been plenty. As is, over 100k damage total needs to be dealt to win. It’s going to take forever to kill, and one minor mistake means anywhere between 10-20 minutes of player’s time has been wasted.


Ooof. Uhm. hoping Ludia decides to change that and play tests the raid before they give it to us. they do have some time to do that.


Just read the article and it’s ridiculous if ludia actually does this it will be a miracle if anyone beasts them

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at least we have a quit option now…

But in all seriousness, I know that there are already strats being looked at and calculated right now since we know all the stats. The first day of the raid is going to be crazy (as Mortem was) but hopefully we can figure out some good reliable team makeups and help each other out with it :slight_smile:


i was hoping some shields would work for it, but that has been dashed completely. Dodge may be the way to go here.

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Resilient… that is all

Wouldn’t count on it. It’s loaded with resilient moves and has emergency heal on phase 1.

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i was thinking to reduce the damage of the minions. i don’t think there is a way to take them out turn 1 of each round. but interestingly, Lux has no stun resist. do the bosses jsut move onto the next move in the order if they cant use on that round? if so, that may be a way to deal with that heal, or specific moves.

4?! My attention starts to wane after the first round (going by Mortem raids). They take so long and one single mistake often throws the match off.

Really dislike the way raids are headed. Not even Pogo raids are this much of a drag.

Also - can you imagine if Lux lands a critical on round 4, right before you take it out?


Two Thors with at least 2600 or more attack could do it. Both use Group Shattering Impact, and the Entelodon is definitely down while the Gorgosaurus might survive, but barely.

Have a very good Diorajasaur use The Priority Group Shield Taunt on turn 1, and the Thors get about only 800 damage on the Counter attack, and the Gorgosaurus definitely dies from Dio’s counterattack

Only thing is, there needs to be a VERY powerful Touramoloch to heal. It uses it’s Priority acceleration to make sure the Thors kill the Minions on turn 1, then Dio throws up the Group Shield, and Thors do Group Shattering Impact.

To reiterate:

Turn 1: Diorajasaur Group Shields, Touramoloch Group Accels, Thors use GSI

Turn 2, Touramoloch uses Group Heal, one of the Thors uses Instant Charge, the other uses DSI, Diorajasaur uses Rampage

Turn 3: Touramoloch uses it’s Priority Heal (unless Hadro was stunned on turn 2), the other Thor uses its Instant Charge while the first Thor uses DSI, and Diorajasaur uses its Strike.

Turn 4: Diorajasaur shields, Touramoloch uses it’s Priority Heal) one Thor uses it’s DSI while the other just uses it’s Strike.

Rinse and repeat for each round?

Edit: This of course depends on the Thors stunning Hadros. If in dire straits, the Diorajasaur should use IIT to make sure Hadros keeps attacking only Diorajasaur.


Yes, I was thinking at the same Strat, with irritator or tryo instead of diora, so tuara heal more and you’re sure to kill the minion, dioraja strat may be saffer, but it also take longer.
With tryo you can also replace a thor by max or Gemini, and you got an extra shield if you need it (if the stun res it’s really 0%, Thor is probably better)

Both strat should be quite quick.

I never understand why Ludia made the raids last 2 round, nevermind 4. Doing exactly the same moves twice really doesn’t make the battles more interesting. The only thing it does is to make the raids last unnecessarily longer.


Won’t do any good. The Diorajasaur is necessary for constantly taunting Hadros so it doesn’t kill the other three, and Maxima won’t be able to take down the Gorgosaurus in one hit because of it’s 8204 health, so unless the Maxima has 3,000 boosted attack, it won’t do any good. Nor would Geminititan for that matter, even if there were two of them.

Having two Thors is better because each does about 4,000 each on the GSI if both have at least 2,600 attack. Guaranteeing at least 8,000 damage on the Gorgo and setting it up for Dio to counter-kill if the Thors don’t Crit or one of them doesn’t have slightly more attack and kills the Gorgo itself.

Edit: It could be done with two Maximas and Geminis as long as both had 2,000 or more attack like the Thors now that I think about it. However, that would still take longer since the Thors can do 8,000 on turn 1, and then 6,000 on turns 2 AND 3, meaning each round will only last for 3 Turns.

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This is what I was thinking. Possible a dentist Thor, tuora, dio

My only concern with that is if Maxima is still Taunting from its Rampage (and Thor doesn’t get the stun with IC) and the shields are down, it’ll take a massive hit, made even worse by its lack of armor

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0 Mortem dna.
0 Hadros Lux coming.
Not much of a team player, and the Apex Raids are tedious.
No intention of trying for any.

Yes that’s true. Didn’t think about that. Actually if you wait until second turn to do dios group shield maxima will have a shield up for the taunting rampage.

Yeah but then everyone takes a huge hit from the Hadros’ Group Shield and it’s counter-attack

Yeah 2 round raids feel long enough as it is. They don’t need to be longer. I would say 3 should be the MAX. I hope they figure this out soon and change it back.

I’m guessing 5 rounds, 10 rounds, it doesn’t matter, the way I look at it, I don’t think anybody will be able to do it anyway, in my alliance…