So has anyone got new para yet?

Title says it all though I’m guessing not

It’s been 6 hours man, it’s a legendary use range spawn… its unlikely more than a handful of people have even seen 1 and incredibly unlikely anyone darted enough to unlock it… if you see 1 in the 1st few days get unlocked, that’s probably a spoofer

One of my alliance mates has it. It can’t be placed in sanctuaries.

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It’s somewhat common. More common than many epic spawns. The problem is the timing of this update, being a night spawn during winter and covid


tried my luck on the highway, I wasn’t driving, was going with some friends somewhere on a road trip, didn’t get nothing but commons and rares. Probably wont see it for less than a month or so(just my guess)

I got confused when the patch notes came out, simply thought they made Parasaurolophus glow at night.

cool he didnt mention where like on ahwy in a park etc? just want to narrow down my search :slight_smile:


She looks different during the day too

I found two over the course of about a two hour drive. Neither were in a park. One was Zone 1, the other was in Zone 3. Both at night, both proximity spawns.

So it’s a normal dino by day, and glow in the dark by night?