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So how are you all enjoying the Common Tournament

Because they possibly stop the rats? Good. Let them be annoying like the rats.

I’m all for any moves or abilities that can shut down a rat. I would love to see more on escape abilities that deal damage.

since dracorex g2 meta, i can’t understand how so much people dislike swap in moves this way.
even today, with a lot of creatures swapping in and out, and so much abilities related to swapping mechanics.

i think of how boring a turn-based battle like jwa could be without swapping attack moves nowadays.

i remember the first versions, people used to fight until the end or swapped just to avoid loosing a creature next turn, got an easy damage and try to re-estabilish advantage again.

when we had those milions of dracoceratops discussions, i was maybe one of the few who were enjoying the meta. i was about to give a try in explain why people dislike this so much: maybe the “surprise” effect, people may tend to prefere predictable movements, i don’t know…

this leads me to remember 2d fighting games and trading card games, with and without swapping mechanics. :eyes:

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Also back then there was no stopping them which made it worse, very few non relevant creatures had no escape and I don’t believe any had any other moves like On Escape Rampage, cloak, or strike, etc…

Even now, most of the relevant rats are swap immune/ resistance so they can just come back and kick you below the belt again if you can’t kill it upon their first swap in.

That was one big problem with this common tournament. There are way more common rats than there are creatures that can prevent them from escaping. You only have Amphycion and the Croc with no escape and you have 4(?) Rats that can swap in. Thats how its been for a while. Feels like there are more rats infesting the arenas than there are creatures that can stop/ prevent them from swapping.

Edit: I forgot that Suchomimus has no escape too.

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Wasnt my favorite. Sloth was a pain to deal with. And way too many swap teams. Not really enjoyable


but since dracoceratops and even more nowadays (with much more diversity), i would say this is exactly the point:

in my opinion, it’s not about “they have rats and i need counters”, but about we all use them all.

i rememeber some players was boycoting use of dracobomb (and loosing trophies) because of disliking that mechanics. well, nowadays this is near impossible, because we don’t have just one.

if an opponent uses 4 rats, we can use 4 rats too. since we can’t do anything about random generated teams, we are always subject to have a poor team in a match with or without rats or op creatures.

but this gave me an idea: let’s suggest idgt902 to make a themed video like those, trying a “no rat” team. something like: “can a rat-free team survive shores?” :heart_eyes:
i’m gonna post there. :dancer: :man_dancing:

was good for me :slight_smile:


Sodium is a highly reactive metal so…

Also am i the only person that uses Dimorphodon? Just asking

Loved it!

Commons actually had the most viable and reliable no escapers. There were three good no escapers and only coel had swap prevention resistance. More no escape commons would be overkill because there’s no need to use that many

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10 cahr

My man are you serious


I agree. The ones I used were amphicyon and sarcosuchus.

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those are the best sloth counters

I actually didn’t see apato killing sloth but I know it can

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I used purru g2 that isn’t a bad choice either

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I used glyptodon Velociraptor triceratops gen two ophiacodon allosaurus brontotherium eremotherium and coelorosauravus
This team was pretty balanced and worked well for me

i used to love dimorphodon years ago, because of that swap in bleed.

but for this tournament nowadays… i didn’t get good results, it seems to die easily.

did you get good results? using swap-in?

not at all due to that low health