So how many darts have you accumulated?

7k+ for me and counting…

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Only 4974 for me :cry:


Aren’t you darting?
I have now 2062 and have taken all darts, but do a lot

just under 7900 at this moment.

I’ve stopped buying at around 3k because I needed to level up my speedsters. I’m getting park spawns, kapros at night, and found 2 erlikos so far.

I have about 5500 saved right now. Still working so don’t have time to devote to darting.

I have 49 at the moment. I use my darts to help my alliance…

It’s really a good time to dart anything and everything now, I did not even realise I hit the max 250k dna for gallimimus lol.

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There are only so many iguanodons I can bring myself to dart.


They are an everyday nuisance outside my house but it’s a public service to get them back in the park where they belong.

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True :joy:

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Lets ask vegeta what the scouter says about my darts

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8.2k plus darts and counting lol

I dicided to stop at 5160 :grin:

Although I considered going to 10000 because why not, but sense got the best of me lol.

I’m pretty close to reaching 10k darts lol.


10000 boyzzz


Only 5k and something

Using all of them. :grin::grinning:

There is only so many tarbos, diplo, and iggys I can dart before I give up

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Screenshot_20200324-021725_JW Alive

Yeah I have not stopped buying and I don’t intend to haha

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