So, How Much Ceramagnus DNA did you Collect Today?

As all of you are aware today is the first day to takedown ceramagnus. So this thread is to show off how much you have collected. Good luck on ceramagnus :smiley:


0, i have zero apex dna in total. i can do the smilo raid but can’t seem to do the indo or pyrri raid. i geuss i need to get maxima higher.


Me too :worried:


None I am too weak :frowning:


Wow I almost instantly get a like

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0 cant invite anyone. Waiting for Ludia to fix raid invites :pensive:

20 dna
101001010 characters


Got 20

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All call 20 as a win for you @Ozora_Nadhif and @Qaw. Anything higher than the minimum is a win in my book :grin:


Only 15, but we already have 8 players in my alliance who have made it with 2 more doing it as we speak. We are lucky to have players with Dio and Gemini our alliance. Other dinos can be relatively small, so I suspect many members will be able to do it (our members help each other like crazy). Teamwork FTW! (3 members got 25!)

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Zero as it’s almost impossible for anyone who isn’t a top tier player to get.

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I mean I used a level 16 irri lol. And the other three weren’t beasts, only moderately boosted level 25-26s.

I got a 15 though, someone who I raided with got a 30 so that’s more salt in the wound lmao

So to get the raid invites to work the invite has to be sent. THEN the 3 ppl the invite got sent to need to reboot. When game reloads invite should b there.

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Try this strat

It works as long as the requirements are met and rng doesn’t hate you
The rows with all basic attacks you can skip if you have crazy strong geminis

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Haven’t been able to get into ant raids today.
They keep getting the lobby.

20 Fluffyceratops DNA yay

I know what I said about never doing apexes… but magnus intrigued me and…

Getting higher than 15 brings me joy. Cake on the top is when I instantly got invited to a Nemys raid

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How much your Gemini’s attack ?