So HYPED for this!

Are u redy for the update!!!???


Okay here we go! I can’t wait to see the new dinosaurs and features!


Depends if they fix dino in strike tower bug, strike event bugs on long invincibility & stun, battle glitches
Not got enough coins for current dino levelling possibilities, so new dinos will just make coin issue more pronounced!

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Well guys, the game is going through a maintenance again, does anyone know if it is 1.5 update?

Just seen that…guess we are getting the update today… :slight_smile:

Wish list.
Fix Dino in strike tower.
No more spawning freakishly just out of drone range especially at night.
Fix 16/23 and 18/23 bugs.
More spawning.
Smaller zones.
Rotate zone’s.
Fail to nerf Monomimus HP.

Hmmm guess I’m not that hyped.


the name of my alliance is going to be Hyūga, and will have dimorfodon event

maintenance usually ends in 4 hours maximum

and give extra commands to the creatures in augmented reality mode, since there are only two moves and I can not do much

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Wish List:
More money
More cash
More money
More cash


Wish List:
More and better spawns (I’m in L3).
Stop in range from home (that I can restock darts).
Increased interaction range for stops, strike towers, treasures.
Fixed strike tower bugs.

Yesterday I was able to select a dino inside a strike tower. Seems that this bug was fixed prior to the update

What was it. Smaller dino’s seemed impossible.

I really hope you are right.

A Tarbo, I was able to select it in the middle of the tower

Never lost a Tarbo. I could get Rex, Steg etc. But Dimetrodons and smaller no.