So I can now complete first 4 challenge

Yeah I completed all 4 and somehow I feel the forge is still harder then the 4th one that nasty fire on the ground even if you aren’t lined up is a killer

Not quite fair to compare the Anvil to the dragon, since the dragon fight is trivial once you recognize the pattern.

If the dragon’s attacks were random like the golem’s, I feel like the dragon would be an even bigger threat.

The dragon ok just keep your heroes on the left side to avoid push backs if you are using cleric keep him on the second tile at first as dragon first fire is on back row and rotate cleric to back row and keep regenerate active and the heroes that desperately need healing

Something I miss, from the pre-gold-and-glory days, is being challenged when I fight against the Sharpstone keep boss. He was a fun one. Also, I never got to be properly challenged by the Earth elemental boss, and IDK what makes him difficult.

SharpStone Boss and Dragon Boss do push backs.
SharpStone Boss has fire balls hitting 2 targets at a time.
Dragon Boss fires up the tiles burning all heroes on that one line.
I have 2 heroes positioned on the left side my first hero is barbarian than I have wizard behind barbarian and cleric I move 1 space forward to avoid the first fire at back row which dragon fire is horizontal than I move cleric next move to back row also having regenerate active at every opportunity and constantly healing those need healing the most as dragon fire does a lot of damage and I position Tommus 1 space apart from barbarian however Tommus does get push back which no big deal as barbarian has better AC than Tommus.