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So I decided to rework all of Owen's raptors... (Project J)

So I decided to make them all unique in playstyle from other raptors… hence this.

If they (besides Blue) seem to good for rares, it’s because it’s Project J. This version of the game aims for everything to have a place, no matter how minor. That said… let’s begin.

Blue has basically had a mix of old and new… basically the most defensive of all the raptors in the game between the (plot) armor, shields, distraction, and evasion.


Charlie becomes a bit like a fierce despite having cunning stats (looking at Andrewsarchus here), even coming with no escape. Despite all that, still has the pounce.


Delta becomes a bit of a weird case… she plays a bit like the old incarnations of dilorach and utarinex with the slowing and run move. Otherwise, no real similarities.


Echo has the most utility out of them, with nullification, swap in distraction, and even being able to reduce opponents’ damage to zero with distracting impact and pounce.


Personally, I think Charlie is probably the best of them (despite never testing them against the 300 creatures of Project J at all.) Who do you think would be the best in the current JWA?

  • Blue
  • Charlie
  • Delta
  • Echo

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Next up from Project J… all expansion creatures.


Yes Charlie would be great, 75% of decel helps him to at least faster than tuo, meio, giraffa and another slow resilient

Some just have too many resists, otherwise pretty good, and we need more unique things and not only being limited to hybrids. Looking at all of epics, rares, and commons but commons make sense though

I chose echo cause she is the only fully cunning and I like them before you reworked them

Dela’s hp should be 3000, forgot to increase it


You talking about with the gun from FK?

No, Blue’s general plot armor. You aren’t gonna tell me she survives but her sisters die to the Indominus. Unless she actually has plot armor