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So I dropped 700 trophies now

…and still no end in sight. Few days ago, I upgraded Utarinex, Magna and Thor and instead of getting better during battles it just became worse.

Never thought I‘d ever see Lockwood again. How far will I fall until I finally get my frakking incubator?
I don‘t even care anymore about the fact that my trophy number is the same as many months ago when I had a legendary team.

But every day, it takes me longer to get my incubators. Once it took me 20-30 minutes to fill all slots, now I‘m battling since almost an hour desperately trying to get even one.

Congratulations, Ludia. When I thought it couldn‘t get worse, u still managed to surprise me. I‘m facing teams that are way stronger than mine. In the rare moments of fair battles, an OP frakking rat or RNG ruins my day.

Yeah, I really really really am frustrated, annoyed and if it weren‘t for my alliance I would‘ve stopped battling. But I keep struggling.

Tried everything. Took low lvl dinos in my team to prevent matchmaking from getting me way stronger opponents. Didn‘t work. Used other dinosaurs. Nope. Made pauses between battling but instead of getting better I just keep dropping.

It took me so long to get my team and I struggled for them. And now I‘m at a trophy count of a time where I had a team of few uniques and mainly legendaries.

But enough complaining. I wonder if u guys could help me. Is there someone else with this problem and nows what might help?

I even thought of just dropping into ruins to then climb up again with my full unique team to get those damn incs. O.O


My team…

Currently sitting at 4480. I also lost over 30 trophies for every lost battle. Still no inc.
And I stood at 5200 once…:cry::cry::sweat:

I went from 4700 all the way down to barely 4200 with this:

I feel a team like this shouldnt be in low lockwood at all

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In case u wonder…I already lvled Utari a while ago. Then I farmed Dracorex and now it‘s ready for another upgrade. But I don‘t dare to…

I‘m afraid to lose another 700 trophies if I‘d upgrade it. Cuz then I‘d face full lvl 30 teams with tier 7 boosts, right? :+1:

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Dropped about 400 trophies too. Seems the new season is the problem. It should fix itself once the big guys gained more trophies again.

Today I dropped 400 too. And 700 in total so far. Curious whether I can reach 1000 lost trophies.

What was your 1.6 trophy count?

Right now seems that over 4500 if you don’t have at least one tier 6 speedster you go nowhere. That’s what i’m seeing: i run 3 speedster all tier 5, facing lower level teams but with faster dinos and i lose. I think you’re in the same situation. My advise would be trying at least to t6 speed erlidom. And dilorach or magna if you can


Yea to win in higher aviary consistently, I feel at least 3 fast dinos need to be t6 speed. Otherwise you need to get really good match ups in your favour consistently, which is tough as well.

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I have a similar team, just slightly higher level. Average about 25. I win some, I lose a lot. Quite often I lose battles because of rat, or people who boosted thor beyond stupidity. I dropped from 5350 last month to 4650 just now, and I’m starting to think I’ll just have to settle with 1500 anky.
I would just upgrade your team. I don’t think you get matched against more level 30s just because you have a level 24 in your team instead of 23. It doesn’t work like that from my experience. When I upgraded my thor from 26 to 27 I didn’t notice any difference.
To me it feels like matchmaking is more broken than unfair. You get matched up against completely insane opponents for absolutely no reason, whether you have a good team or not.
I would just recommend you ditch one of your cloakers. You could lose too often because of RNG when you have 2 of them in your team. Personally I find both erlidominus and indoraptor quite bad compared to most others.


I had the same problem when I had 7 uniques in my team. Leveling earned losing streaks, and DracoceRAT-OPs plus cloak/evasive RNG from Erlidominus and Indoraptor just added to it.

To top it off, 1.7 matchmaking caused me to free-fall from Aviary to Lockwood. Before 1.7 I was almost always over 5,000 trophies, and sometimes even top 300-500.

Also, the unwarranted HP nerf to poor old Magna made it useless for me. As you can see in the screenshot, I boosted it 4-5-4 and it still couldn’t survive in a rat-infested arena.

After the rat was nerfed in 1.8 I replaced my level 24 Erlidominus and 26 Diloracheirus with good old L30 Tragod and Stegod and I made it back to Aviary, where I am now.

I leveled my Tenontorex from 25 to 26 a few days ago and had a day of losses, but then everything went back to normal the next day. Two days ago I leveled my Utarinex from 26 to 27 and so far so good.

My current team and trophy count. Highest boost level so far is tier 5.

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I dropped about 300 trophies today with me ending up in Lockwood again. Started the day around 4800 trophies.

I was the same as you prior to 1.7; made it to 5395 or thereabouts in the last season and am currently yo-yoing +/- 200 trophies around the 5000 mark.

I could never drop Spyro … been FIPing Irritator like mad since I completed my dinodex:



Maybe I’m in the minority but I believe the first 2 are exactly where you belong. Aviary is a 25 to 27 avg lvl team arena, or should be. My team sits between them around 23 avg and I got down to 4100 at one point. Right where I deserved to be. Yeah I was at 4900 once and it was great but my team didnt belong there. I managed to win 7 of my last 8 battles against avg 26 and 27 teams because of good matchups and luck (last battle I won with indo sitting at 9 health after dodging 2 if 3 attacks). I know I’m ready for another big drop. But I’ll take the wins where I get them. My only complaint was during my 800 point drop I lost 75 percent of them due to game lagging out and me not getting to select moves.

IMO lockwood is for 22 to 25 lvl dinos. Aviary is 25 to 27. Just because you were once very high doesn’t mean that is where you should have been. The matchmaking is working better. The problem is the players still stuck too low that should be higher and the ones that put a couple of low level dinos to get favorable matchups. Then you run into them with 3 of their high levels and they run you over.


I stuck in lockwood and averie since too Month… the NEW battle System give me only better opponents Than i am…so you can’t win to get higher … there are two or three areas over me…but with this System i doesn’t reach any of them… all Player make there dinos better too win… nur then you get harder opponent… and you lose more Than you win…

My personal opinion, your biggest mistake is the invested Boosts.I believe that your Dinos are overboosted for their level.Just level your Dinos and keep stacking the boosts.(wait for 1.9)

I have average team of 28+ ,i was at 4800 and stopped using boosts.One month later only with leveling my Dinos i stand at 5300+.(pyroraptor season i stopped at 5480).There will be matches that every Dino of yours is a snail or a turtle…

Just my opinion and my example.I still can’t figure out the Matchmaking algorithm…

But if that‘s true, then it‘s too late.
I made a break for some hours and just started again only to lose 9 battles again. Somewhere at 4400 now. :confused:

This really sucks.

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And to make my worst day ever even worse, I received my 6th 10 on Ardentis. Of course I ran out of Brachi DNA. With the frakking bad Argentino spawns I had in L3 with rare scents I expect to find no Brachi in L1 with two epic scents.

This day is ruined. I know it‘s ‚just‘ a game. But I feel so depressed now, gonna go to bed and cry. :sweat::sweat::sweat: Dropped almost 800 trophies and when I needed only a frakking 20 I got a 10. Same crap as with Magna, Thor, Indo, Utarinex, …

Worked since the update on it and so close. I guess I‘ll just need one month more haha. :+1:


Yes Lanny I think you probably are in a minority. Even though you may be right, but human nature being what it is, it’s fine to be given something but never to have it taken away.

So if we were up at around 5000 and now struggle at 4400 - 4600 despite having a better team, it’s hardly surprising that we are upset. After all, the theory in any game is that the better you do, the higher you go. It’s like they’ve given us something in one hand, and taken it right away with the other and left us floundering.

What is really annoying is the fact that it’s all down to how many boosts have been applied that makes all the difference. I’ve battled Thor’s with 153 speed which get to go before my Erlidom, so I inevitably apply boosts to my Erlidom until it’s quicker, then I’m up against Magna with 160+ speed and since I don’t want to spend any more money I can’t compete with that!

The boosts have ruined the balance of the game. Faster dinos aren’t faster any more. Tanks can chomp, and fragile dinos have boosted health so don’t get one shotted. Unless of course you’ve done the same as your opponent and boosted your team as high as you can afford to. Once we all have a team of level 10 boosted dinos it’ll be the same playing field as we had before boosts, and it’s game, set and match to Ludia because the only way to get that is to spend a whole lot of real money getting there.

Think about that last sentence for a moment.
The realisation that we’ve been fooled into buying boosts to get back to an even playing field.
How gullible are we?


I had the same thing happen. Managed to reach Aviary for the first time ever, I felt so proud!

Then I decided to go for a new goal in the game: raise my Utasino up to level 30, so I could fight in there after getting knocked out during the first battle (hey, I expected it). I leveled her just once, and swiftly tumbled down 250 trophies. Leveled her again (because I apparently do not learn from my mistakes) and I’m now back in the Ruins.