So I guess flying dinos are going to be released soon?



dope. hot air balloon the move for darting these? :thinking:


It’s probably just a new arena and they’re baiting us to get excited.


could be both. like in JW The Game you have to get to a certain level to unlock aquatics and cenozoics, so maybe if you get to 4500 trophies or something you unlock pterosaurs.


More like a level such as level 10 but I think it should be available to all…


There are files for fliers in the game so they probably will add them with the birdcage arena


Flying dinos are great, really want to see them.

For example:



Pterosaurs? Come on, they aren’t even dinosaurs.:sweat_smile:


Koolasuchus isn’t even a dinosaur. But it’s still in the game.


And neither are kaprosuchus or sarcosuchus.


And yet some people stubbornly insist that they are. Creationism is no way to science correctly.

Neither is thinking that your battered copy of any given 60s or 70s dinosaur books are correct.


Its jurrasic world, not dinosaurs only world.


Let me ask you this… In the movies, or even the books, did you see or even read about anything other than Dinosaurs residing on Nublar and Sorna (other than the rogue mosasaur, but she was an accidental marine reptile, according to official lore…)?

No. Because they only made dinosaurs. By adding pterosaurs into jp2 through onto JW:FK, it’s apparent that Wu got a little carried away. I mean, amphibians? Crocs that didn’t live during the Mesozoic (Purrusaurus), even Permian creatures that lived before the Triassic, such as Dimetrodon and Ophiacodon. But do they belong in the lore? Pterosaurs and marine reptiles do. Koola does, as does Sarcosuchus. Anything else that didn’t live during the Mesozoic (Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods only) should be left out of the game.


There were no cenozoic megafauna living on Nublar. Why? Hammond didn’t want any. Pure and simple. He knew that a T-Rex and some Raptors would make everyone want to come to his park.

If it had been otherwise, and he made mammoths, the world would lose interest pretty damn quick.


Should pterosaurs be introduced? Sure, even though they weren’t dinosaurs, they did live throughout the Mesozoic, alongside the actual dinosaurs. Marine reptiles also belong, even though Wu only ever made one - the Mosasaur we saw in JW. And that was an accident.


Tarbo mentioned the flying raptors, like Microraptor or Sinornithosaurus. Now those would be cool to see, but I think that right now, the game is a bit crowded with raptors, even though the meta has changed. Archaeopteryx was another protoavian Dinosaur that deserves a place in this game. The problem with this is that all the protoavian species (yes, even the little tree-dwelling raptorids) couldn’t flap their wings because of weak chest muscles. Those hadn’t fully evolved yet. The best they could do was to glide from tree to tree.

The other problem is in their size. Maybe no larger than a chicken or a goose.


Or…let’s get some really literally “flying dinosaurs”, and also live in Mesozoic.

Like Ichthyornis or Vegavis.

We could let them set in a group, so that size won’t be a problem.


Cool idea. Really. “Ladies and Gentlemen… Please welcome… A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS!”

…Or not.

It’s a really good idea, Tarbo. But as neat as the idea of having a group of them as a unit in battle might be something that the devs would really have to work on, just to keep the game from glitching every time someone selected Ichthyornis in battle.


Thx for the lore about all that. I dont know as much about it as you. Well personally i dont mind if its classified as dinosaur or whatnot but i can understand why it would make a diffrence to some.


Not knowing about something isn’t a crime. Not being willing to learn about things that you don’t know keeps you from reaching your potential.

It’s all up to you. Just keep in mind that just because I get peeved a little by people using bad science, and take the time to straighten things out - I’m not trying to insult anyone. I’m trying to educate them.