So I guess nothing will be done about the zone problem, huh?

We’ve asked about it several times, but no one has even heard a peep about this. The fact is, some of us really don’t need anything from our current zone that we’re locked in. I’m so bored of seeing the same dinos on my map. Why can’t we have a migration at least?


Yeah the nearest zone 4 is about 30 minutes away, I live in probably the biggest zone 1 in the world

Mine isn’t too far away, but we’re still in lockdown and the next zone is primarily over road with little space for pedestrians. I just want to get away from Delta and Edmonto.

I live in an l4, and honestly I’m tired of seeing spino and para daily

At least that dreaded suchomimus is gone. In fact I haven’t seen one in ages.

Ugh agreed, we’ve had the same creatures pretty much for a year already and zone 2 is the worst zone to be in at the moment in my opinion.

I made this suggestion, maybe you guys and gals could give some input?