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So I guess the whole game is broken now?

Ok we all know the game is going downhill but I’m guessing mine is well and truly broken, I haven’t stunned a single opponent in about three weeks, everytime they try and stun me? It works every time! I’ve just played four battles this morning and every single attack, I mean literally everyone my opponents all got crits! And finally dodge and cloak, I haven’t dodged an attack in about a month, everytime my opponents or the AI do fill damage without using precise attacks etc, like if you want me to delete the game ludia you’re doing a great job.

You simply tend to remember the negative experiences more than the positive ones.
That is why there’s a bigger impact when you get stunned or when you don’t dodge, than when you manage to stun or dodge properly.
If it works for other people it works for you as well.


Yeah no worries i suppose it’s totally normal to have not stunned anyone in weeks or dodged and attack in days, yeah the game is beyond perfect.

That isn’t inherently impressive. What actually matters is the number of times you’ve attempted to stun/dodge in that period of time. If you could record your findings over a long period people would be more inclined to take you seriously.

I get the same way sometimes. I’m sure we all do. Humans are naturally more cognisant of when things go wrong compared to how many times they go right.

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Yes. Unforunately, we are. However, there is always good in a day, even if everyday is not a good day.

Keep in mind that statistics don’t work out as neatly as we would like to think. A ⅔ or ¾ change doesn’t mean an occurrence every third or fourth time. It is a probability.

Stats tend to be much more streaky than people think.

Don’t believe me, flip a coin 20 times. The last time I did this, heads came up 10 times in a row.

I had to flip about 200 times before the stats finally worked out to a 50:50


Thats a lot of coin flips. Not sure if I would have the patience for that.