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So I guess we have armor piercers & heavy armor events?

At least from what I get from the events that just popped up.

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I’m seeing Dimetrodon G2 and Allo G1 - nothing else in range; 36 attempts, 3 days …

Tarbo and Irri Gen 2 are included

Does irri gen1 fall to that category? Will it appear? Why or why not? :thinking:

Looks like it. the epic strike for today is a 5 step heavy armor.

Edit: I restarted the game and the announcement is showing. Irritator g2, allo g1, dimetrodon g2 and tarbo for common. Rex g2, kappro, and gorgo for rare. Rex g, secodontosaruus, and baryonyx for epics

Darn, I was hoping for a baryG2 on rare. But I’ll take that Secodonto.

No they took Irri out of the Fierce week.

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I think it’s a temporary schedule.It will be changed tomorrow with the update.I hope.

Btw the Miragaia reward i think it’s temporary.It will be changed with a new Dino with the update.I hope .

too much hope :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m guessing it will be something like this?

With different strikes?

I guess so.
It will probably change with the update though

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Incubator Dinos.

I got Sino today. I do appreciate it, as I will need it for Utarinex when I’ll work on it.

Why Dime G2 but not Dime G1 on rare day? That’s some crap. Same with Irritator. I’m not normally one to complain too much about the weekly schedule, but come on. What is this, joke week?