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So I have been gone long

Hello, fd here, I need some refresher on meta hybrids, what I should use at my disposal, and what I should look forward to. The combat system hasn’t changed while I was gone so don’t bother telling me that, just what the meta dinos are.

By combat system I mean match making

Mainly the Apex’s are extremely meta, with Hadros Lux and Ceramagnus being the main ones. Mortem is decent, Ardent and Geminititan are extremely good, Grypo is decent, Tryko is also pretty relevant, Dio is a lot better now, and Mammolania is still really good. Monolorhino is also great, and Tenontorex got a lot better. Thor is prelevant, Spyx is a pure distraction machine, Edom hangs around, and Manga is pretty popular.