So I just beat Tyrannosaurus Rex Raid! Am I the first? I have to know lol

I just wanted to know has anyone else beat it yet?

I used the Irritator, 3x Pyroraptor strategy.

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I’m so totally claiming that then. I’m happy.

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Technically you and 3 other people claim it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well done!


how it shows up tomorrow.

I have friends with Early Access. Special timezones. I always do all Raids a day in advance. I’m so happy! Now if we get a Bleeder minion next week I’ll be super happy. Waiting for that annoying bleeder minion that eventually will come in a Raid at some point.

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that would be annoying. If its spino, were all dead and would be in need of a lot of healing. Imagine it being in an apex and you have to worry about both.

But you know it’s so totally coming! I’m excited. Although it shouldn’t be alongside an Apex or Unique. It should be alongside a Legendary. It’ll probably be something stupid like that ugly Suchomimus. With all these cooler options. Honestly I want Spinonyx. I just have a thing for Spinonyx.

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Timezones are real things! :joy:


Oh, you must be a lot earlier. That makes sense. I live in new england, thats why.

Yeah me too. I assume the OP is further East.

Although someone that is already on Thursday can actually invite those still on Wednesday as i’ve had that happen to me before.

Edit: I live in England, not New England. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I am actually West Coast USA, but my friend gave me the Raid and we did it together. He always gives me the Raid because my friendslist is full of high level contacts.

If anyone needs someone to Raid add SophieSchweinitz#1197 I have done them all I just want one last win for the week.

ive done the trex boss too! but if you look at its resistances its better to use 4 pyroraptors and go pounce, cunning strike, repeat until its dead. No pyroraptor will lose any health

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It’s easy when you have at least two Cunning Creatures. The team I was in used was Insotherium (me), Procerathomimus, Thylacotator, and Edmontoguanodon. None of us died, and we won thanks to the super crits on the Rending Takedown.

Second team was Edmond (me), two Thylacotators and a Procerathomimus. That bleed was brutal on poor Rexy xP

Lol yep
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