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So I just got Tenonto, who should I replace for it?

I’m thinking between thyla or grypo.

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Hmm, hard to decide. :thinking: Your team looks like a pretty solid lineup already. I would replace Thyla though if it’s between the 2.


Probably grypo, but that’s just me thyla too

I would say draco or thyla. I am in the same spot, I just got tentorex and want to bring it in my team but it need to be lvled and boosted before thats possible.

I would keep grypo … either Erli or Thyla

Tyla then erli next to go

Tenon rather good but I would say tyla also it takes 2 to see 3 everything for his best attack

I just replaced Thyla. And I am planning to get rid of erlidominus, but that’s gonna be when I get erlikospyx.

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