So I just noticed this tidbit

  • Important note : There will not be another inaugural gift sent out at the start of Season Two, as Season One was the inaugural tournament.*

So, not only do they force you into a tournament whether you want to or not, they robbed me of tons of trophies, dropped me out of an arena that supplied exclusive DNA that I want…

but they give you nothing for it. oh wait, guaranteed brachiosaurus DNA. oh boy.

This sucks.


Yeah if you’ve lost trophys and been kicked from you’re arena that’s kinda sucky they should have definelty given you something for the reset


I guess I just kind of assumed they were going to do another incubator for the reset. Then again, you know what they say when you assume…


They stated this from the beginning. My only disappointment was because I read it too fast and assume that they would be another gift only to reread and see it was not the case :sleepy:

I agree that’s pretty bad it would have been a good reward for loosing trophies and losing arena exclusives (it could be hard to return for players who have barely made into it before reset) .

The good point is as long as your team belongs in an arena there will be no problem to come back.
I barely battle and I’m almost back in the arena to farm exclusive epic DNA.
Good luck !


Yeah, but it would be nice to not have to try and climb back up. I was up around 5250-5300, and got dropped a ton trophies. Given the ups and downs of the arena, it’s not quite so easy to just pop right back up there, especially when the 5500-6000+ people were knocked down to where I’m getting paired up with them now.

It’s just a P.I.T.A. especially since it’s because of something I have no interest in, but am basically required to be involved with.

I have about 400 to go to get back into Lockwood…


I got reset to about 4700 and still fight the same people as before the reset, when i can even find a match. It takes time but we’ll all get back to where we belong eventually. I don’t really understand the purpose of resetting the trophies though.


I feel for everyone that was high up the board, I only lost about 200 trophies, but from a competitive aspect resetting rank is the only way to ever see a change at the top. I do think once every 3 months would be better or perhaps the tourney should last 3 months but either way there couldve been a reasonable accommodation made based on how many trophoes were removed. Perhaps $1 in game cash per trophie lost… IDK


Keep going!

I just made it back to Lockwood doing a little more battles this time :grinning:

@TheMaxx true but I also battled against some new faces too with some out of nowhere teams :sweat_smile:


Since they want to use the clash royale formula so much what they need to do is add a rank system after the last arena like clash does… when i get reset in clash im not getting pushed down multiple arenas im just losing trophies that were only used for rank in the season… which is what these tournaments are tring to be


Not resetting the trophies will keep the top players at the top and will make them not put much efforts/money. Since reset put everyone at same level, others get a hope that they too can now get past the top players by upgrading their team/buying stuffs.

Ideally every tournament begins with a clean slate. People start from scratch, go through qualifiers, followed by elimination and so on till finals. But based on last tournament, we know how it went when everyone above 4K was reset to same level. That’s where I guess they took this intermediary approach so atleast the ones around 4K do not get paired with the 5K+.

Edit: I understand the argument of not wanting to participate in tournament due to influx of higher level players coming down, having a separate battle section for tournament. But guess that has it’s own share of problems like separate management, split of player base reducing participation etc.


It does suck that we lose trophies and get nothing for it… But hey that’s ludia!

Some of us spend a while getting trophies and reach I good point, only for them to be taken away and struggle all over again… Yes it sucks


dang… so i guess you wont be gunning for the top spot and 1mill coins then :joy: