So i kinda need help

I have been playing this game for almost a year and i’d say i’ve been doing ok. Sort of. For most dinos i have enough dna to make their hybrids. Earlier today i got my indominus ready to level up to lvl 20. But i dont have enough coins to evolve it. This is the same case with most of my dinos. Do you guys have any tips on how to get a lot of coins faster?

other than buying them in the shop…

  1. max out your coin collection on stops.
  2. Do every strike tower you can.
  3. narrow down which dinos you’re leveling. Focus on a couple at a time, preferably what will be in your strike team. The less you’re trying to level at once, the more coin you will accumulate.
  4. Winning arena battles will net you coins. (i think there is a max per day as well)

I always beat whatever striketowers i can and attempt the expert ones(sometimes beating them). I only do enough battles a day to complete my daily missions.

Donating dna also gives coin. I have 2.5 million. I max everything daily, do all towers, battle, donate, I think that’s it.

I have been running out of coins lately ,and I am not able to stack them up as easily as I spend them,could I get some help with that , I have been leveling both my priorities and stuff that I need for the campaign.

My wife does that.
I grab her phone when she’s done and do extra battling so she has incubators running at all times.
Those coins from incubators add up.