So I Need 3,000 Dinobucks Per Week?

If Wednesday allows us to purchase 100 Boosts for $2,000 and Sunday allows us to purchase 75 Boosts for $1,500, and I earn about 500 from daily activities, that means I’m short $3,000 per week.

That’s about $20 real cash per week just to keep up with the high spenders.

No thanks.


No one is forcing you to do it. It’s very hard to compete with big spenders if you play for free. You just have to use your boosts wisely. The option to pay is there. The option to play for free is there. Choose one and don’t complain about your choice.


you dont have to spend a dime last time i checked. only reason youd spend is if you think you are going to be ranked one… is that the case?

Eventually the gap between the free to pay players and the paying players will narrow as the the higher tiers cost so much with so little increase


That gap will never close. Even players missing out on buying a few weeks will not close that. Will takes years and by then some new feature will be out anyway to increase the gap again.


Paying to win is unavoidable now and grinding is no longer as beneficial. I’ve been buying and for some reason stocking them. Most of us will never be in the top 10 anyway so it really doesn’t matter where we are for trophies. Play to have fun is what I’m trying to figure out how to do.


why isnt grinding beneficial anymore?

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It is… the higher my team level the worse I do in the arena. I maybe shouldn’t have worded it that way.

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Why grind. My thor is almost 30. If I push the attack button next level up only increases attack around 113. If I just boost instead it increases the attack 230 with 1 boost.

I leveled my Thor to 29 and regret it big time. Dilor is a button push from a 28 and I can’t get myself to evolve it. Boosts take precedence that seems to be all there is to it.

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Leveling up is still important. I leveled my Magna recently and also boosted its attack the same day. It was like a double boost. If you look at it like boosts are all that matters, then leveling up is like a boost you buy with coins. Basically free.


Yeah I know leveling is still important and I still grind. Just would have been nice if leveling was weighted more than boosts.


Same here. I’ve got 4 dinos ready for 29, but am holding back on evolving, because I feel the “strength matchmaking algorithm” is just not working well.

The whole strength thing doesn’t make any sense anyway, whereelse in “competitive sport” do you get matched like that? Just match me within a reasonable trophy range.

It’s all down to the 1.6 arena droppers whining and the complaining about the alliance rush “exploit”. That never was a problem as huge as the messed up matchmaking/trophy rewarding is now.


Once you reach tier 7. The next tier is almost nothing. Damage may increase 50-60. So at tier 7 hunting will become important again. Nothing changes drastically aside from the speed. Dk why they didn’t have the end or more advanced tiers be more important. But I guess that was to get us hooked


This is a good example of why leveling is still important. My next tier will only give me that much attack for that crazy amount of points, while leveling up will give me 102 attack.


I almost typed spending 100 usd bucks a month is extreme, but the time I personally spend on the game and the entertainment value is worth it. It may not be to some and that’s respected and understood. The main issue is feeling like we have to so we can advance in a game.


matchmaking just needs to be fixed. grinding is still very important.


Try some tapjoy offers if they’re available to you. I haven’t spent any money for months. I just do as many offers as i can if they’re easy enough and collect my daily stuff in the game. It can take some work to get thousands of JWA cash from tapjoy, but once it’s done, all of the hassle is worth it.

I work too much and the amount spent is ok, justifying it is the hard part.
Edit: the same amount going in the tank of my car to go hunting would bother me much less.

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iOS doesn’t have good tapjoys anymore. The App Store stopped it. No games at all. Just quizzes that never pay out or joining a shave or whiskey club. That doesn’t work for us so we are limited for free with what we get daily. Just saying.