So I Need 3,000 Dinobucks Per Week?

Hopefully they even fix matchmaking. Right now it caters to very low teams or really high teams anyone inbetween is in a void area that just gets matched with lvl 28-30 teams. Huge mess of crap.

I’m afraid to level or boost my dinos anymore. I’m in a comfort zone. Had to replace 3 of my dinos on my team just so I can stop battling lvl 30’s. Erlidom and others had to go to the bench.

I think they will try something on matchmaking. But right now there’s not really a need to level or boost imo.

Now I am 4,300 trophies with my weaker team. My stonger team gets me 3,800-4,000 trophies. Mostly landing in ruins by the time I could open the daily inc.


The trophy system is a mess! If we don’t lose more than 20% of the time, we might gain.

I still saw lvl 28 dinos today even with my weaker team. But having them in lowers the chances. I’m kind if enjoying battles again. But at the sacrifice of benching a few of my better dinos in place of standard non boosted dinos.

Boosts shouldn’t be permanent, but don’t want to derail. Benching the best of what we have to get a fair match is another derailing topic. Yikes! :wink:

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Yeah lol just saying the boosts aren’t that serious. I have 4 unboosted dinos lvl 20s and doing better with them in arena.

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I stopped trying to redeem my hard cash rewards over half a year ago since you had to go through an UNGODLY amount of backflipping through flaming hoops of triple-confirmation screenshotted proof from every which angle to even make your initial claim and even THEN, they would only pay me out about 30% of the time after finally getting a reply 2 or 3 WEEKS after submitting a ticket.

But yes, no more games or anything on iOS. Quizzes with extremely loose language on qualifying to redeem, real-life purchases (which are typically net losses compared to spending the money on cash bundles outright) and on the things that even give like 20 or 30 hard cash, you are in a seemingly neverending loop of pages which are designed around advertising flooding you for reading half a paragraph of RELEVANT text for 30+ pages before you give up or misclick because the “Next” buttons are sometimes easily confused with those banner ads which share the same colour pallete and blend into the page backgrounds. If you mess up, you have to start over again because it doesn’t save progress on their end (supposedly) if you press ‘Go Back’ and try to resume progress.


I agree with all what you said except the part about you thinking its the fault of the people who complained about arena droppers, its actually the fault of the arena droppers who CAUSED the players to feel the need to complain! Had they not dropped to beat up on weaker players, there would have been no complaining.

Its never the victims fault, please remember that. Speaking up about something bad that happens (even in real life) is always a good idea. So long as its constructive of course. Big difference between raging endlessly and constructive criticism to bring a problem to the attention of those who can fix it (IE Ludia!)

Take the speed boosted Thor fiasco at the start of 1.7, without all the complaining about it there would not have been a boost rollback and nerf! So in that case it was actually warranted and worked!

Keeping silent about a problem changes nothing. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!


I agree that nobody is forcing me to do it, and I wasn’t complaining. The post was more of a Public Service Announcement to get people to avoid getting tricked into $20 this week, then $20 next week because I’m already in for $20. Then again and again with really no hope of ever catching up to the top 200 or so.


they also provide tourneys now to get some cash… they have set this up nicely

you have to be all in or not at this point you should know.

The writing was on the wall for this a few weeks ago when they did the reset and we had the option to buy 20 attack and 20 health. Anyone who didn’t will never catch up if they keep being sold as they are now. Only reason to really keep buying them is to prevent yourself from going backwards. Anyone who didn’t buy the max has no chance to ever be near the top until maybe another change comes along.

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thats not true lol

Of course it is

the design is to offer boosts and you slowly increase your dinos. you go through what ever hell you go through untill your dinos are maxxed but it will eventually happen. i just think you are trying to stay in a race that you dont belong in.

focus on tourneys if you want to stay in this game.

For what? These tourneys are garbage. I rather play the old ones with no boosts.

the tourneys give you cash. and no they are not garbage… one had boosts right?

Are u serious? I value my weekends a little more the winning 70 bucks real money worth of hard cash.

oh and you value your days and nights by complaining…

maybe they should do tthe tourneys during the work week?

Maybe u should try reading the thread again. Follow the bouncing ball. I wasnt the one complaining about the cost of boosts. I just told the other guy if we wasnt buying them he would never catch up.