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So I recently did an offer

I did an offer that stated that I could get 4200 runes by depositing 20 euros on a website,and I did deposit 20 euros,I’m here because it’s been almost an hour since I did the offer and I still haven’t gotten any runes at all

Here’s proof

I’m sorry to see that you’re having a problem with these offers @User1235. A company called Tapjoy provides them, and sometimes it could take some time for the rewards to show up. However, they would be more than happy to try and assist you further with this. To get a hold of them, tap on the support links which is provided in each of their platforms.
They can also be reached through the in-app Marketplace through the menu button at the top left of the screen. Tap on Reward Status, then tap “Not Rewarded.” Let me know if you’re still having any other issues reaching out to Tapjoy.

Still haven’t gotten any information yet…

I have completed the tapjoy offer for the 4500 runes by getting my lords mobile castle to 14 but I haven’t received the runes. What do I do

Contact tapjoy through the offer wall. I have hard good luck getting my rewards that way.

I didn’t know where to contact them so I went to the tapjoy website. Was there a better place to try to get them?

In theoffer wall, got to unpaid items, click on it, from there you can click on the red support button. Send a screenshot showing that you completed the offer

Thanks found it

After a certain amount of time the bottom of your offer page will allow you to click to contact support, usually you have to wait 24 to 36 hours after taking the offer for this to appear. Once you do just fill out the form and submit with screenshots. They are really fast. Both of mine only took 1 day to get my runes.

i really need your hlep

its not beed solve the problem