So I spent 200 hard cash on a retry for the strike event

As the title says spent 200 on the retry for Saturdays gold strike tower and got all the way to selecting my dinos and the battle wouldn’t start… come to find out the tower had just despawned and it would not allow me to finish the tower… this needs to be changed… if I get it initiated I should be able to make my attempt regardless if it has despawned… spent 200 hard cash on nothing… that could have been used elsewhere

Good news is they will get your cash back in game. Open a ticket. Takes about a week, but better than nothing!

Ya know it is what it is… I just wish they’d change the current operation… I had it initiated all I needed to do was hit battle but it despawned without any way of knowing(yes I know there is a countdown timer but it was at the buttcrack of dawn and I wasnt paying attention to how much time was left… all I want is to be able(in future strike towers) to complete it if I’ve initiated it regardless of despawn… seems fair to me