So I wrote an entire article/essay length post about powercreep (how it's affecting the game, etc)

Powercreep has been a thing in this game for a while now.

And it’s not a surprise! Multi-player games like this are basically DESTINED to get powercreep at some point, intentional or not.

I won’t bring up examples from other games similar or dissimilar and focus SOLEY on JWA for this since this is the JWA category of the forum.

First of all, we need to know what powercreep even is. Powercreep is basically a game balance flaw in which case newer units will render old ones useless.

One of the most notable cases of powercreep is the Scorpius not calling it Scorpios Rex Gen 3 introduction… when you look at its kit, you’ll notice it’s gonna DESTROY anything with DOT or stun resistance. And that’s exactly what it does. Why is this a problem?

Looking at creatures such as Trykosaurus and Diorajasaur… Tryko only has the 50% vuln resistance and Dio has none at all, making both weak to negative effects. Scorp G3, having the ability to two shot both while taking no damage thanks to that move, toxic quills, is enough to kill off Tryko and Dio.

In fact, Scorp G3 killed off all the traditional fierce too because of how badly it bodies fierce. Something like this is not healthy for the game.

Anyway, let’s move on. Creatures that shook the balance of the game entirely. I am, of course, referring to Testacornibus, Skoonasaurus, and Phorurex.

Testa and Skoona do the job that Hadros Lux, a very powerful creature, far better. So that makes Hadros Lux a niche option. And with Scorp G3 killing off fierce, Testa reigned supreme thanks to killing almost every cunning and resilient.

Phorurex being another swap in render that can not only fight after swapping in, but also can fight GOOD after swapping in, considering it beats every fierce in the game. This renders Dracoceratops and Dracoceratosaurus, two creatures who aren’t very good at head to head, more niche options.

And while we’re on that topic, let’s get it out the way: Parasauthops pushed both Monolorhino and Ceramagnus, the predominant swapper duo on every team at one point, out the meta too. It does what they can but has offensive potential that Cera used to have and refuses to die, like Mrhino does. So why run either?

Moving on, Arctovasilas and Ankylos Lux. Two resilient (I know Vasilas is a WildCard but I’m referring to it as resilient) creatures that do the jobs of the previous existing kings better. While they weren’t pushed out the meta yet, things are definitely looking grim for them.

As for Phorurex, loses to both of them and the newly added Troodoboa (who is very underrated but that’s a topic for another day.)

While those creatures get weaker, others that can handle them, like Scorp G3, Spinonstrictor, and Indotaurus get stronger.

Now that the history lesson is done, what’s the problem? The problem is a constant meta shift. We’re rendering creatures useless by introducing overpowered creatures like Ankylos Lux.

But if it’s going to happen like I’ve stated earlier, then why complain about it? Because Ludia, or I guess Jam City now, doesn’t seem to acknowledge or care.

The many problems with arrises from many problems. If they cared, they’d rebalance creatures properly and accordingly to keep everything up with the older creatures. A different thing is that they DO NOT SEEM TO PLAY TEST.

Looking back, Pterovexus. The latest change was not a buff. Locking its distraction, a move a swap in wounder should have to chip its opponents have down, behind a delay was not good. If they playtested, they would’ve realized it’s not a buff.

Similarly, if they playtested Scorp G3 they would’ve found how it destroys fierce and could’ve avoided problems today, and everything else I mentioned.

However, a different topic I’ve seen happen so much. Players think that, when a creature is powercrept, it’s all of a sudden “balanced.” A creature should not have to be outclassed to look balanced. They are still overpowered in their own right. Hadros Lux is still broken. A vulnerability counter + rampage or deceleration combo is not a pretty sight. But it’s outclassed by Skoonasaurus. Skoonasaurus is not balanced. That full damage counter and its anti-fierce and attributes and even apparent ability to beat wall tanks now is overpowered. But, it’s outclassed by Ankylos Lux. I think now you see where I’m going with this.

So what’s the conclusion? Powercreeping is NOT the way to balance the game. Buffs and nerfs are. And the way the game is going, it’s going stale, and it’s not good to keep the game an unpleasant experience for the players. It will just

And before someone says it, yes. I am aware their guideline seems to be “New toy, new money-maker.” And to that I say, sure. A veteran who already has Trykosaurus maxed won’t want to buy a Trykosaurus incubator. But you can be sure a new player creature will, a player that wants to unlock a creature they feel is strong by moveset alone.

Yes, this game needs to make money to be a thing. But I’m just saying, just because it’s an old dog, doesn’t mean the new kid on the block won’t want it just because a puppy is also available.

TL:DR powercreep is not good for the game, and it’s not a good way to “balance” the game. Just because Skoonasaurus powercrept Hadors Lux doesn’t mean Hadros is balanced. All of this can be solved with more proper communication, balancing, and playtesting. And just because an old player won’t make money for veterans doesn’t mean it won’t for newer players.

At the end of the day, though, I don’t think Ludia/Jam City will take this into account and improve themselves. While we haven’t seen much of what Jam City has to offer for the game yet, what’s happened so far doesn’t seem promising. I am, after all, sure they ARE the ones who introduced fusible

And yeah I know there are many, many, many more issues with the game. But PVP being the main aspect of the game, I felt it was the most important thing to talk about.

And for that one guy that might say “If you don’t like the game, quit” there’s something called constructive criticism only given to see the game improved. Why would I make an entire article/essay length post if I didn’t want it to be?

All in all despite everything I’ve said, like I’ve said it’s unlikely this’ll be seen and the cycle is likely to continue. See you all in November when Ankylos Lux isn’t viable anymore!


Omg that’s long


I’m just gonna leave it there because sadly as always this will probably forgotten in a week or when Blue gets her OP apex


It real problem thats just getting worse, not only with creatures but also moves and how they are just getting too complicated, too diverse and too good at countering what should counter them. I mean lets looks at some moves I see as adding to power creep. One I see not many people talk about is Alert buff and strike, this move is more on the wrong class of creature than anything else, its so far only on two creatures that being Argenteryx and Archaeopteryx who are cunning. Yet this move is something that honestly should be on a fierce creature, it cleanses decel and crit decrease and increases crit chance? Imagine if these effects were added to fierce creatures, would its make them way better at countering resilient or at least helpful? And yet ludia gives it to not only a cunning creature who should be countered by decel, but also to a flock which mean it can actually be useful since it has the survivability to stay in and cleanse then set up with an increased crit chance. Making stuff like raptors, therizosaurs, eagles, and even compy out classed by it.

Then we get now moves that do everything such as toxic quills, the og cautious, alert instant shielded impact, super distraction, hostile glow, alert decelerating impact, determined strike, alert persistent group shields, cautious cunning rampage, critical sidestep, shielded heavy strike, lethal rampage and run, stunning obstruction, resilient shielded rampage and run, and the strongest rn in my opinion Cenozoic smack. Moves can now do almost up to 4 effects and with just right stats , resistances and kit combinations can create creature that are almost unstoppable. And again as @SonicNTGD has said if ludia actually tested creatures before releasing, which based on their track records seems about as likely as me being able to fly under my own power so a big old nope, then they would see giving new fancy moves to dinos without caring how it affect the balance of things would definitely cause problems and would make them too oppressive or meta defining to the point of making almost all other creature that either can’t counter them or their counters useless.

In short, ludia is fully aware and are actively creating power creep and that whole thing about, “oh yeah we totally test things before we put them in the game to see if they are broken” doesn’t line up with you know……their actions.


I 100% agree with you. Unfortunately, besides potential players loss, there isn’t much incentive for the devs to change. There’s much more money to be made keeping players chasing new creatures than in keeping their existing teams viable. It doesn’t help that when Ludia DID recently release a less-op (weak compared to the current strongest dinos) dino in Albertospinos, everyone was disappointed in how weak it was.

I think both we the players as well as Ludia need to decide where we want the meta to fall out, and then balance relative to that. It sounds obvious, but if we don’t have a consensus on this, people will say stuff like “oh, Scorpius didn’t need a nerf”, because to some people the meta is balanced at Scorpius’ level, and for others the meta is balanced below it. That’s what happened with the Magnus and Hadros nerfs (plus it didn’t help that Ludia started leaning even more into the power creep around the same time, making them less relevant even without the nerfs).


You are definitely a topper in your class. XD

But what you have said is right. It’s only good when the OP Creatures are in your team and not in the opponent. Plus you forgot one more when you mentioned Skoona,Testa and Phoru. You forgot Quetzarion.

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Another thing like you said; asides from the increasingly untolerable bugs, can they also just stop screaming MORE with the new moves? There’s undeniably broken moves that do everything, useless moves that make 0 sense, moves that aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do, moves that do something they didn’t specify it’ll do, wrong descriptions, wrong icons, word salad names, wrong names, visual glitches that costs you your match, and RNG on all the different alert and revenge mechanics that get literally forgotten after every update

I mean as if it isn’t bad enough we’ve had atleast 2 cases of the exact same move being added twice with the only difference being the name and things like extra 0.4 chance to stun. Do we seriously also have to tell them they’re ironically making their jobs harder too?


I would say they should rebalance every creature in the game like they did in 2.0, remove unnecessary and stupid moves and make every creature balanced according to their classes…


Maybe they should just give the game to the community, we seem to care about it more than the developers…

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then every thing will be a mess with so many of us just give it to me free bucks and coins for everyone

Lol I love this name! “Word salad” is the perfect way to describe it. And yes, the power creep extends not just to dinos, but specifically their moves as well (not to mention these moves being confusing/unnecessary more often than not for a number of reasons).


100% agree.

Ordinary people are frustrated and can not keep up their gaming and playing.

I feel very sorry for the game going in this direction. :smiling_face_with_tear:


very well written - I would add that if each rarity level was balanced so that all creatures within that rarity was meta for that class, it would make a huge difference in gameplay. Yes, we could expect certain creatures like apexes to be slightly more powerful than uniques, and so on and so forth, but you shouldn’t have one apex that dominates the other, or one uniques that is top over the rest. If Meta was actually balanced, poeple who have been playing for a short or a long time will buy or work for dna of ALL the creatures. It would, in essence, entice more people to buy, not less. Mid level players like me who have been playing for 3 years don’t care to unlock cruddy dinos, but if everything was meta, then we’d be more inclined to. The top players unlock everything and max them all despite the creature’s performance, and a lot of people want to unlock everything just for fun. The idea that each new creature needs to best the previous creatures makes the game top heavy and less fun to play due to lack of variety in game play. I always know my opponent is going to have a skoona, a phoru, etc etc etc. After a while it’s very predictible. In some ways this makes the game less challenging and less exciting. Also, if meta was balanced and more creatures were viable, you’s have a lot more people buying boosts to distribute between their favorite creatures. The lack of creative gameplay is demotivating for many players over time, and I think that the best way to keep players is to keep things interesting, not predictable. Another thing I would like to add is this - I noticed when the classes were introduced, meta went wack. Not that classes are a bad thing when balanced correctly, but we all know JWA class meta isn’t, and has never been balanced quite properly. With the way things are now, the game will need a major overhaul to fully balance things correctly. I think it would benefit Ludia to consider this. Do I still enjoy the game despite its flaws? absolutely. Do I wish there was more variety and less of a powercreep? 100%.