So if I'm correct

Only Aesha/Samantha, Jasmin/Kayla and Oliver/Stefan remain as the only characters yet to return from their original chats before they start to finish characters stories unless new characters are released

Rose/Daliah, Clementine/Grace, Angel/Emmalyn

Angel and Grace did return though

Angel/Emmalyn, Clementine/Grace and Dahlia/Rose have been updated but not this year, so I think they’re due an update just as much as Aesha/Samantha and Jasmin/Kayla are.

And another day goes by with no update for any female yet they bring back Damien/Austin again and ignore Jasmin and Aesha or any female hell I’d take Hazel :roll_eyes:

According to a woman on a FB group, Austin/Damien hasn’t been updated since January, so on the one hand, it’s about time he had his comeback. However, on the other hand, I’m annoyed that some characters still haven’t been updated since launch or even updated this year.

Aesha and Jasmin should have had their chance to return before the 3rd round of returns begins