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So I'm terrible at math


Could I get some help on how much Draco dna I still need for it to get to 20? Lol

i won’t have its hybrid any time soon, but I want enough dna to get it to 20 when the time is right


Has a built in cost calculator:

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You are about 5,400 DNA off of Level 20, and 136,000 coins are required to do that. There you go!


If you are on the discord of metahub, there’s a section called ask Mr DNA, it tells you all that stuff


What you want is Utarinex which means you need much more DNA than what is required for L20. Every fuse at Utarinex is 500 Dracorex so add another 6500 DNA once you make it to L20 and that’s hoping you get a fuse average of 20, many of us have not been so lucky


Yes, so in total you need around 12,000 more DNA to get Utarinex.


Thanks everyone!