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So in a speedtie I clicked on the move first but my opponent went first?

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Bug Description: clicked a move first in a speedtie but my opponent went first

Area is was found in: tournament

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- be in a speedtie
Step 2 - click a move
step 3 - wait for the timer to hit 0

How often does it happen: sometimes

What type of device are you using: I-pad mini 2

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

This has happened with me before, too. Frustrating.

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I want to know how you exactly knew when this glitch was going to happen to take these screenshots :sweat_smile:

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How do you know they clicked it second? Honestly you don’t


I know they clicked second because I clicked first and the timer was still going, when both players pick a move they take action, but when only one player chose a move once the timer hits 0 the one who clicked on a move gains priority.

You may have just been experiencing lag. It might look like you tapped first, but the game hadn’t synced up with the server yet, and they actually tapped first.


As long as you aren’t experiencing a “connection issue”.

Which is what 90% of the issues with this game are labeled.

You could click first and still end up going second by a few different reasons … location to servers… lag between you and the servers…

Australia knows this allllll too well lol.

I’m still wondering how you know you clicked first.

Because they said that they chose their move and the timer was still going. Usually if the other person had chose their move before they did, the timer wouldn’t need to count down.

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