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So is anyone setting up camp?


The tournament ends on Monday, but it’s been strangely quiet about it around here… does nobody care, are you too busy darting event dinos or maybe staying away from the arena?

As for me, currently in the upper 4,000’s, I see no reason to camp. As long as I get my epic incubator I don’t really care about anything else offered for > 4,750 or > 5,000 so I’m not trying too hard nor caring if I stay there. I just battle for fun when I feel like it.

Compared to previous tournaments I sense a general apathy on the Forum… or is it just me?

What are your thoughts/plans?

P.S. Enjoy your weekend and GL darting


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I’ve been campung since a week into the tournament. Lockwood is harsh


I would love to camp (4755 trophies :D) but what if you have an open a daily battle incubator mission? Lose out on 100 anky or risk the trophies?


I’ve been camping once I got into ruins, like 2-3 weeks ago lol

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I’m just going to grind it out no matter where it puts me


No reason for me. Hoping to get to 4500, but stuck at 4300ish. And what ^ said about daily anky dna.

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Considering how rare anky is (and we don’t know for how long it will be the mission reward) I would risk the trophies!

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that’s the spirit :smiley:

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I’m at 4783 if next match loses I’ll camp. I’ll only lose Sundays reward.

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I honestly don’t care. Just filling incs and dailies like always.

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I am still battling but become harder than ever before.
Due to the excellent epic events, almost every Dino seems to be levelled up.

Good luck!!!

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4752 and I ain’t moving, 25 thousand? Totally worth resting for 2 days :grin:


yup Right there with you Now if they’d implement the “highest trophy count” high watermark, I’d still be playing


Currently at 4602, so no reason to camp. If I fall close to 4500, then I’ll camp last day.

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All the Arena does is frustrate me these days. I have had 1 match this season so far, and that was only because I needed arena footage for a video I was making lol. Can’t say that I miss it either.


Currently like 30th-ish. ill continue fighting. Unless I hit top 10 then I’ll stop and hope I can stay :sweat_smile:

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I am not risking the Ankylosaurus DNA.

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I look every morning and when it shows a battle incubator required I let a little sigh and think ok then. A little over 5000 now and don’t mind battling teams that are leveled higher than mine, I just wish the trophies awarded weren’t so brutal. It seems to take two wins to make up for one loss lately.


I’m at 4790, it’s hard to talk myself into possibly losing the ectra rank. Although. 5k would be nice and an extra 100 anky.

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Agreed. I was hovering right around 4750, trying to get above it to stay there until the end of the tourney, but every loss was like 41 trophies, and every win was 20. I had to string together 4-5 wins to make it past that mark.

I’ll miss out on 1 day’s worth of Ankylosaurus. I don’t mind.