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So is Pikel

Any good, is he worth attaining?

From what I have seen so far in the warrior draft, yes.

Combination of reflect damage, immunities and powerful healing means Pikel can wipe out another team if last man standing in PvP.

His regen+protection spell for entire team is also useful.

His offense I doubt is good enough to win if last man standing but he has a lot of interesting and useful ways to buff the party. It will get to the point in PvP where the first thing you look for is if the other team has Pikel because he can make the whole team immune to Injure, Dominate and Kill (and probably one more at level 4) and also Restore the whole team. Also his heal has a cooldown of 2 turns and by level 3 gets chance of gain action plus who knows what at level 4. So I assume he chills in the back healing everyone and keeping them from killed or dominated.

Some players may choose instead of the Restore to make so that when hit there is a chance the opposing hero who damaged Pikel will be dominated for a turn. That could be devastating too for the foes who do area damage and don’t target him but get dominated anyway.

@gpinsky1313 Fair point. Under normal PvP-circimstances Pikel would likely not be the destroyer of entire teams, however in the latest warrior draft event he was for me on a few occassions (some of the toons on the roster were heavily under-powered)

I have not tested the Pikel yet, but I have seen equipment breakdowns and comments provided by other players, as such my comments are mainly based on assessment of third party info.

Some of its reported defensive abilities seem interesting. These may prove useful to PvP players once the required equipment is adequately leveled. This leveled equipment will be necessary to provide useful abilities and to ensure the Pikel can survive the initial barrage.

Also of note, the current warrior draft may be a poor measuring rod for Pikel. Based on comments shared by others, the offensive weapons in the event have all been limited at level 1. If so, this will make defensive abilities appear inordinately formidable.

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