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So is the rat getting nerfed


Seen a few screenshots etc from people, anybody else seen them. Seem to keep getting removed, which is getting my nerf senses tingling. Feeling is it’s getting a unique.


OMG!! It will have triple swap in rampage immunity and 7901 health! We do need a counter for Lord Lythronax!


What did the scree shots show?


SI Shattering Damage replaced with SI Shattering Strike


@PQC Do we have anywhere to get images? And have you heard if its getting a unique hybrid by chance? :eyes:


I think there is a screenshot on one of the Lord threads - easy enough to photoshop a fake though; that said I can’t see it going through the next update untouched. Not heard any concrete word about a hybrid.


@PQC yeah, that’s what i was thinking…photoshop :joy: but agreed, definitely expect a unique out of it lol hopefully will make sense in the meta for 1.7


When will we get an update on 1.7?


No idea, wondering the same thing lol


Why would they send you that?


When were those alleged screenshots published? On April’s fools?

Anyway, it’s very likely going to be balanced in a similar way as draco g2 was before. It won’t be rendered completely useless, but it won’t be as meta relevant. It may or may not get an unique. But if it does I don’t feel like it will be in the very next update.


We will discuss at the next board meeting.

Edit: just realised what that spells :joy::joy::joy:

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May I ask a question? Why is part blacked out? If you can’t say, please don’t XD


I thinks that’s just @Alex_Dhir (deliberately) appalling photoshop skills …


Im glad you asked! Its just a graphic error! A diplocaulus got loose. :grin:





Typical Ludia, changed the name but due to a miscalculation forgot to change the damage. :wink:


On the one hand, yikes, cause I levelled it to 24, on the other hand, if they nerf it I could replace it with some of the dinos that I actually want to have in my team and am not being forced to use…


Same scenario will play out as before. It gets nerfed but it creates a stronger hybrid. Leaders get to spend another 1,000,000 + coins to level the hybrid up.

Nice way for Ludia to keep the cash coming in.

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