So is this level of data collection legal/ethical?

Based on the fact that Ludia removes supply depots and sanctuary from a players most used area, in my case around my home (but no change outside my circle) suggests to me that the data collection done is in my opinion borderline monitoring/surveillance by individuals and possibly not legal. Atleast far from ethical. And I know this has happened to others

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Your problem isn’t with Ludia.

It’s Google. Google crossed the ethical point of no return a long time ago.

The game runs geo located items off Google, last I knew.


I am aware of this, my problem is that Ludia uses it to make it harder to gain darts etc in the areas that they see you are active in.

In the circle around my home, where I have been getting most my supply drops, used to be 6 supply drops and 2 sanctuary , after last update Im down to 3 supply drops and 1 sanc. While outside the circle nothing has changed, same number supply drops and sanct.

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In my case I sometimes gain a ton of them, other times I lose some of them. Now i’ve lost 3 that have moved out of my range, but I still have 4 within range.

That’s some tinfoil hat conspiracy talk.

“LootYa checks my Google map position and moves stops away from my most used position.”

C’mon now, it’s just Lydia randomly placing stops. “OR IS IT?!” :thinking:


I sometimes get the impression that the game does place drops and dinosaurs just outside your range to force you to go walking to collect them but I wouldn’t call it data collection or illegal.

@DragonHunter is correct…

Ludia doesnt control if a playable point is moved… thats 100% google. This is also why the mods around here keep saying they are working with their content providers to fix the changes to the map 1.10


…Is there any kind of evidence that Ludia intentionally moves supply drops and sanctuaries away from all most-used areas worldwide just for the sole purpose of making things more difficult for us? That sounds less like odd game development and more like mindless villainy. The game may have its flaws and everyone has their shortfalls, but they’re not evil. I’ve never felt the drops specifically avoid me. I’ve always had convenient sanctuaries and supply drops. When there are no green boxes, I don’t even see them anywhere. Last week, I saw only three within a multi-mile radius. That covers used and unused territory alike.

No evidence and I don’t think they are being malicious. It just seems very coincidental that dinosaurs mainly, seem to spawn just beyond the drone range when stationary.

As mentioned, Ludia does not control where the spawns are, Google does that. And it’s not the only game that uses the exact same locations.
They could decide that specific types of points turn into specific types of object, like “point of interest type A” turns into “sanctuary”.
They can decide whether parks act different or not, and they can reduce the amount of (proximity) spawns as a whole, but not per location.

It’s always interesting to see how conspiracy theories arise when people don’t know enough about the topic.

Meh. Google crossed the line of ethics, that is fact. It’s discussed in intelligent computer programming circles, and well known in the industry. I don’t believe this is what you mean when talking about conspiracy theories, but there’s little doubt Google is Big Brother.

As far as placing geo located gaming items just out of normal reach…I’m not sure. What I won’t dismiss is the fact Google has phone data, personal data including travel and purchasing habits… and a stake in how much money people spend on games. If you have an Android phone and/or use Google, they know more about you than you do.

I won’t go so far as to say “This is what they are doing”, but they have the opportunity, they have the means, and they have the motive to do this exact thing. Poo Pooing it as tin foil hat stuff is not a well informed opinion.

Prove me wrong.

Nah, but not gonna prove you right either :slight_smile:
All players accepted the agreement, so unless you an discover something illegal in there, I don’t know why anyone is complaining about ethics.
Ethics don’t exist when companies seek boundaries of how to make profit, just legal limits.
Ethics! Ha!

With conspiracy theories, right or not, I hint at someone concluding that Ludia decides these things, while it’s common knowledge that Google does this. Misinformation is the source of lots of issues in life.

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