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So it begins


I see this will take all year


I work out that I have its ingredient DNA only sufficient for 3-4 fuses, so just leave them as they are now, no plan on fusing it.

Done my first fuse on it last week also and my first Magna fuse the week before it.

Obviously I fused a 10 on both because it wouldn’t be JWA if it wasn’t trying to be rage inducing at every possible opportunity.

Good luck with future fuses :slight_smile:

:sweat_smile: We’re in the same boat, DinoMaster3000.

Good luck to you all. I can’t be bothered to even start as I’ll never use it. I wish I could give you all my Brachi DNA as it might save you 6 months of your life!

That’s a lot of time to invest, sat on the toilet tapping my phone each morning to make a few kilobytes of virtual dinosaur. Then we can proudly scroll through our collection and go “yeah, I made all that! Go me!”.

Seriously, why am I still here? Why do I log in every day to collect a few hundred ‘DNA’ so I can maybe make another tiny dinosaur on my 4 inch screen? It makes no sense!

See you all tomorrow then…

The forums have actually been more entertaining for me recently lol, except for strike towers and running my alliance, which I love doing!

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Thanks guys, I’ll hope for that mystical 100 fuse

I also hope for more brachi events and a boost to sanctuary dna :laughing:

10…10…10…10…10… oh come on!!!

If only there was a way to get it with only 100 DNA…

Well, here’s one month of progress. The grind continues…

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At least we are getting Brachi next month! I can’t wait so I can level my Max up.


Didn’t know that, thanks! Maybe I can finally have my Indom replacement soon

I love the look of her. I hope you get yours soon. :grinning:

Brachi is the daily Dino replacing Diplod. I’m so excited about it. I know I can hunt for it in local 1, but I’m lucky if I can get 100 dna so the guaranteed 100 every day will be nice!

Mine was an absolute pain to unlock. Nonstop 10s and 20s. Hope you have better luck than me, and let’s hope together for a buff!