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So it has begun >.>

Some people might said he was a bit underwhelming…
Worry not,he kill 2 of my creatures.


I want one


Given how annoying it is to fight in raids, it’s almost comical to see these things die in 1-2 attacks in the arena


You wont say it is comical when you face one which destroy fully boosted lvl 30 unique like if that was nothing

I’ve faced 5 so far, only 1 has beat me and that was because its speed was in the low 30’s.


In an unboosted meta,Mortem is good but not crazy good. When are you ever going to have a Mortem that’s unboosted if you have it at all?

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With the boost reshuffle, I expect to see a few nitro ones in the arena soon…


I can see that happening, seeing as they’re only lvl 26/7 I can see magna being its best counter seeing as mortem won’t ever be able to ever outspeed it. Assuming a tenontorex is faster than a mortem it will win hands down as well.

I run with a Mortem, fully boosted, but there is no way it would beat an Erlidom.
So I’m assuming that pic is when you took it down after 2 of your dinos died?
But then that would mean neither of your dinos did any damage at all to it?

@Schtemty How have you boosted yours so far? I’ve only seen one that was nitro boosted and the rest I’ve encountered lean towards damage and health over speed.

122 speed, 2700 attack, 5062 health

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So you’re telling me your Erlidom can’t do 5k with its Rampage? I think you should reshuffle the boosts a bit in that case :slight_smile:


Mortem is good against a lot. The main problem is most things are boosted. While you can voost mortem leveling him up is a different story

Are you joking?
Do you think end game,the erlidoms have to waste their boosts on attack?In the speedster game,the speed mater.
Mine is among the slowest with 145 speed (just in thor cases),His damage are 2370,so with a crit,yes ,either no.

Given that so many creatures in the meta can slow erlidom down now is boosting speed over damage really a good idea?

Same goes for other speedsters too what’s the point in taking a magna to 160+ only for it to lack the health to survive a trkyos counter and resilient impact?


Because end game (i mean 6k trophy)
You oftenly see 162 speed magna or monolo,160+ speed zorion and some others.
If you push all yours boosts to damage ,what do you get?
A thing which will get doomed by the first magna or zorion he meet.
The goal is to hit first,because oftenly on a speedster battle:it mean ONE SHOOT.

Surely Erlidom has become a very situational Dino no?
So you wouldn’t lead with it, and only bring it in against a slower Dino.
So why didn’t you bring it in for Mortem after losing your first Dino? It surely would have been worth risking a cloaked attack, and failing that a distracting attack followed up by a rampage?
Or had the Mortem still got cleansing?
I’m a bit puzzled and I really don’t claim to be any good at all in the arena. Far from it, I’m absolutely useless!

I didn’t lead,its a revenge killer,i use it as second like everytime.
I got 3 option:
Doing a rampage:either it crit 40% chance:i win,either i fail and die
Doing a distracting impact:useless,he got cleanse.
Doing evasion which i did and thx to the RNG,i die.

Judging from the shot posted it looks like Erlidom was the second dino but the revenge distraction wasn’t used and the rampage failed to kill mortem.

Nope,look at the picture,it is write camouflage,i did cloak.
I die because of that RNG…
anyway,Mortem got enough dmg to one shoot me.