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So it has begun >.>

What did you lead with?

Tryko,his mortem got 120 speed and killed him with no problem.
But his first dino was erlidom,my tryko did the job without any problem.

Ah well @shining you were just really unlucky.
That was sheer rng against you.
Erlidom will beat Mortem way more often than the other way round.

Leading with erlidom or any speedster other than magna is such an odd choice, given the amount of resilient creatures running around atm

Yes truly:Even end game,there is tons of counter to erlidom…
My team actually count erlidom/tryko/magna/ardentis/stegodeus/DC/monolorhino/indoG2 sometimes i replaces somes for dilorach or grypo but i feel erlidom and indoG2 are completly out of the meta even after 2.1 buff and to replace them…
Everyone have tryko/dioraja/faster magna/zorion/ardentis their gameplay is too old to try anything.
This is completly outragous…
My monolorhino is lvl 26 with just 3 boosts and i prefer to keep it than erlidom…

No, I’m not joking.
There’s no such thing as a speedster game right now. There’s a resilient/fierce tank game and then everything around it trying to kill those tanks. Focus on what the creatures are strong at. Erlidom’s strength is damage with its high crit chance and damage output. You could have it at 2552 dmg, 145, and 4612 HP if you wanted. That would’ve dealt with that Mortem.
At your current build it won’t deal well with Orion, it won’t survive a speedy Magna, or a Pho, so I don’t really understand which speedster game you’re trying to play here? Either you go all in on beating the speedsters with speed or you make Erlidom a destroyer.


Yeah the speed game is a dangerous one to play, what the point in being fast if you don’t have the hp or damage to survive longer than 1-2 turns?

My current build is awesome against magna,phorusaura,or some others,you take one hit and then destroy it.Then you are set up for the next round.

What arena are you in? I regularly see phors and magnas with a higher speed than your erlidom and I’m in high gyrosphere.

One week ago:5900 trophy.

Now i drop to earn easy coins and incubators:im currently at 5250 but it is too high to earn easy coins,i will re-drop soon.

Ah so your in library, I only see erlidoms around reset, my tentonto, tryko, maxima or spyx make short work of them

Yes,but tenonto,spyx and some others are not big threat.
Worst are maxima/dio/tryko/magna

How is a health tank like tenonto not a threat? It can easily tank a rampage and either slow erlidom down or outright 1 shot it with this impact assuming its not distracted.

Spyx can be a bit iffy but with some boosting it can outspeed and 1 shot an erlidom no problem.

Oftenly,an erlidom rampage,switch to DC/monolorhino,its over .
They always do resilient strike/heal

I would say the cloakers are mortems best counter because this thing is going to be boosted and evasive doesnt increase attack plus mortem has cleansing impact so magna would need to have lots of damage.

@Colin most boosted magnas have 2000+ base damage at this point, even if mortem cleases the distraction its dead turn two, if evasion fails then the speedster may be one shot.

You talked about endgame earlier but it would seem you haven’t quite reached that since the Erlidom in the picture wouldn’t beat Pho or Magna once you get to the endgame. Fast Magnas will still be faster after you use MSS and can kill Erlidom turn 2, even if you distract it, so it’s all down to a lucky crit on the Rampage. Pho just uses Instant Rampage and Erlidom is dead :frowning: