So it‘s the goat then

The whole point of April Fools is to troll people. It is designed to be near impossible to beat.


It’s hard, but after 20 minutes, I managed to do it. I would try using maxima and gemini. My gemini is unboosted level 23 and managed to get the final takedown. Maxima to decel and then use tryko. It never shielded an erlidom cloak, but make sure scapegoat is on cooldown
Team: Boosted maxima at level 26 and tryko 28 and unboosted gemini 23


The problem is; why do they have the time and resources to do this, but not sort the game out for the rest of they year?


I beat it the 3rd tey, I thought I was recording it but turns out I wasn’t.


I can’t wait till 9:00 am eastern tomorrow when this ridiculous event disappears


They’ve also given everyone 10 sanctuary food and 5000 coins plus a new scent. Not every strike needs to be easy.


Carbonemys lv.24 > VS until he dies. Goat’s scarp goat didn’t piercing thru armor so Carbonymes has a second chance to inflict him with Vulnerability+Speed down effect

T.rex lv.30 > DSI


Huh? Is that only if u beat it? Cuz my highest dino is a lvl 27 magna is only 22…it ran thru my whole team with one poof didnt even try it a sec time…the other one I didnt even go in

Even the other strike is crazy. I can’t beat it.

Me either…

The trial is currently impossible, no way of beating it…
I’m still in a battle that has lasted about 30 minutes

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That makes alotta sense…glad I wasnt the only one that had probs lmao…hehehe

First retry is 2 but It keeps going up

I got mullered by those goats! Tough but fun. :slight_smile:


I won against this goat! I used my tragodistis lvl 30, I spam vulnerability strike till my trago die, by luck the goat didn’t use his 1st move, that can put his speed to normal. I send out then my thor 30, he can strike 1st cose of the vulnerability strike of trago, did a critical with the vulnerability! Then my thor die with his strong attack. Then send out my stegodeus lvl 30, and finish it with rampage, by luck he didn’t used his diversion attack!


Waking up this morning like:


Succeed at 2nd try.:goat:


Thanks for the strategies… Ardentis first, Tryko next and got him. I was gifted with Goat making some bad moves.
Out of some good epics, I got Baryonyx. Garbage

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This might help some! :grinning:


Got slaughtered. Didn’t know what to expect. 1 shot Magna, 1 shot Thor, 2 hits to kill maxima. All level 29 no boost. I’m not even going to retry. I only did 1 move against it.

Funny and good idea though.