So it's been just over a week

So it’s been just been over a week since the last update, where a game that was working fine ( I mean as fine as this thing ever does ) and has now become pretty much unplayable if you’re a passenger on moving transport that goes over 30mph.

Is this even been looked at? For many getting the spins in is a vital part of getting the coins theh need to progress.

I do find it funny that with each update ( and the issues that come with it ) the shop screen always works perfectly. I wonder if that is the only page they actually test before sending out the update.

An unplayable game isn’t a fun game and this hasn’t been overly fun for a very long time.

Will this ever be fixed or is this now an added bonus to the game now ??

Asking for a friend


The cycle goes like this.

  • Game works fine.
  • Release a new update
  • Game breaks, and become unplayable.
  • Wait for sometime.
  • Release a minor update to fix the bugs by the new update
  • Game works fine.

Yeah I know this, but it’s normally the Monday after the update, this one is taking longer.

I love losing when you can’t actually play