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So... its monday june 3, where is our ourano? -edit its changed now

Ludia made an announcement saying we get ourano as daily mission reward starting today, but my daily reward still shows as smilodon. Am i forgetting something or did they change it or did they just forget


They might change over in 46 min when the daily events go live.

Oh ok, i just thought that daily missions usually switched around midnight est, different than events usually but i guess switch overs are different

Yeah daily missions switch over at the same times that events do, so in about 15 mins.

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Hmm, still smiley. Not sure now.

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Nope, but didn’t expect anything else really, I mean they couldn’t even publish this weeks schedule. It’s worrying when even the simplest of things can’t get done.


Can’t say I’m very upset about this. Much rather have Smiley then Ourano anyway. :sunglasses:

Ok now where is it

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Is it June in Canada yet? I know it is here in the USA


If you quit out the game and go back in it updates to Ourano.

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Yes!!! She’s here :star_struck:

Well damn, i logged out to use the bathroom and came back and it was orano. I should have not logged off so I could get one last smiley.

Total bummer :expressionless:

I’ve heard before that if you stay logged on and you completed the daily you’d still get Ourano anyway as it is only a visual issue.

Makes sense.

I just completed my daily and got Ourano :wink:

I thought it was a glitch, I got 100 Orano instead of Smilodon…drats I need 10 more days of Smilodon dna to get him to team strength

How impatient you can be to do this

I get ourano…
But the group Mission is still the same… that is rather boring…

21 days of Smilo ended.