So, just curious

Do you all think we’ll EVER get a confirm button for leveling up creatures? 🤦🏻‍♀

Its been a long while since I’ve done this, but regardless. I meant to click on carno and its still just as frustrating.

I mean, its only something we’ve been asking about for THREE YEARS


A confirm would be nice so you do not accident select a creature. That was a lot of Scorpious rex gen 2 DNA that you wasted as well


Was enough to level it up to 28 🤦🏻‍♀

Ah that sucks. Sorry to see that. I have done a couple in the past as well. Luckily the championship is SR3 so it should help.


Ooof. Painful.

I hate when that happens… Spino Gen 2, Diplotator, Suchotator, Bajatonodon… wasted coins and DNA.

They need to add a confirm once creatures get to 20 and have the confirm button in a different part of the screen as the evolve.

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I think it should be for level 15 onwards if we go that route.

I wish. We don’t need one for fusing, but there should be a confirmation for the actual leveling up. I’ve accidentally leveled several things over the years… like nasuto to 19 (I was mindlessly leveling and forgot it only had to be 15 and not 20), megaloceros to 16, ardontosaurus to 21…

They should add a confirm button once the creature gets to the level to fuse their rarest hybrid (i.e mono g2 has a hybrid at 10 and one at 15 the are you sure will start popping up every level after 15)

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Another option would be a level lock button for each dino. When you get to the level you want you can hit the lock button and it won’t let you level up unless you unlock it.

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I think ludia is ok with the mess ups like this because it is potential income for them. Oh I just spent 40k (or whatever) coins. I need to buy coins so I can level my team, make this hybrid, get ready for tournament, etc. so when we mess up it opens the door for ludia to make money. Depending on the player that is.

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