So Kinda got a question please?!?

So when I started playing RoB I wasn’t award that after building Snots home there was an apparent sale for Fanghook…Mostly bc (noon hello&there’s no notification)right after I got :disappointed: Hookfang in Gauntlet(Methinx?)anywho So my dyslexic self could NOT for the life of me figure out why the neck he wouldn’t go on Snot’s home! (&yeah I know I shoulda read the lil box thingy)but I decided hey let’s ask support& :worried: maybe Reddit :unamused: so after saying the names frontwards&backwards for 2weeks I figures it out :astonished: Oops…So my question is can I ever get umm.Hangon Fanghook at a lower price or event? Any kind help is appreciated :yum: &yup I mentioned the dyslexic cray vibe in another post so there’s what happ.

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