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So, Let’s Talk About Thor

So with Thor losing it’s GSI but gaining Group Shattering Rampage with a 1 turn delay does, of course, affect the Raids. But, I don’t think it’s going to be a bad thing overall, but it will require some reshuffling of the moves being used on certain turns as well as some other compensations to make through Round 1, as this will be the only time Thor’s lack of a Group Move at the start would be an issue.

So, here’s some revision suggestions to the strats:

For the Mortem Raid:

  1. In the event that Diloracheirus is used over Tenontorex, Diloracheirus should use Cunning Strike instead of Cunning Impact on Turn 1. This way, Thor’s FI will target the Majungasaurus minion instead of the Raptor, since between a Touramoloch’s Group Accel and Dilo’s Strike, the Raptor will still go down before Thor’s turn comes up. Provided Thor has sufficient attack (I think 2,300 - 2,400 should work), the RTC from a Trystronix or Irritator should get Thor’s attack high enough to one shot the Majunga. This will, of course, leave Mortem undistracted, but even if it CRITs, so long as your team has about 4,400 health, this won’t be an issue. However, given that Mortem’s Distracted Rampage still does 5,000 damage (unless of course it’s under a duel Distracting combo), it’s obviously a good idea to make sure someone’s running with a creature that has at least 6,000 + health, and the Touramoloch has an already excellent attack stat to make healing less of an issue.

  2. For the Indo Gen 2 strat, it might be best to hold off on MF until the Majunga goes down and/or Mortem has already used it’s Rampage. The reason for this being since Majunga will likely Taunt, Mortem will get to use it’s Rampage undistracted, so unless you’re using a Thor, or anything else on your team, with 7,000+ health, this is going to be an issue. Instead, it might be better for Indo to use it’s own Cunning Strike on the Raptor (If Indo is faster than Dilo) or DI on Mortem if the Diloracheirus is faster than the Indo (and Dilo should, in turn, thusly use it’s own Cunning Strike on the Raptor). Either way freeing Thor up to potentially one shot the Majunga minion with FI, if it CRITs (and has at least 2,700 attack to ensure the CRIt kill if it lands), and guarantee the kill on Turn 2 with GSR if it doesn’t.

However, this does rely on Toura being a really good healer already, just to be safe (even though Diloracheirus can provide additional support if needed, it should really focus from that point on, on distracting Mortem).

For the Hadros Raid:

  1. The only difference regarding the Thor/Toura/Tryo/Dio strat is that Hadros would go largely unhurt in Turn 1, except from Dio’s counterattack; regarding Diorajasaur itself, it needs to use RS to take down the Entelodon minion before it hits (I’ve personally had a habit of using GS first to mitigate the damage from Hadros in Turn 1, though incidentally, since no one will be attacking Hadros itself in Turn 1 now, this won’t be as big of an issue). In contrast, the three Rampages might now more than make up for the damage difference needed, since Hadros’ GEH will bring it back to full health, especially if all three get the CRIT (which shouldn’t kill it, but bring it down to ideally around 4,000-5,000 health), leaving just enough to be able to off it in the next two turns, leaving the start of Round 2 with Trystronix’s RTC, and Thor’s GSR ready to go. And, of course at this point Diorajasaur should be solely focusing on keeping the shields up.

Anyway, this is just some random 3 am thoughts, but I wanted to get the discussion going anyway to get everyone else’s thoughts and suggestions.

I’ve not done any calculations yet, but for the Tuora/Irritator/Thor/Thor strat, could one of the Thors be replaced by Max?

What my thinking is, if Maxima, boosted by Irritator does GDR and is enough to kill Enteledon (i’ve not calculated if it can) then Thor can use its Fierce Impact that will target lowest HP, i.e. Gorgo to finish him off in turn 1?

Maxima would of course need to be faster than Thor. But i’ve not worked out if this is achievable yet.

You’d absolutely have to replace one of the Thors, if for nothing else than Max’s ability to Taunt and Shield to draw Hadros’ away from your Toura and Irritator.

Without Thor, Lux raid changes a lot. Entelodon is not a main problem, Gorgo is. Entelodon many times only buffs damage on turn 1, so Gorgo can easily oneshot or cripple lowest health creature.

Other problem is that Lux will heal Gorgo on turn 2 if Gorgo survives turn 1. Most attempts will end here, even if some creatures will live few more turns.

I think a Max and a Porcus could work in place of the Thor’s. I haven’t tested yet

No. Hadros Group Sheilds, so Maxima would need to have double the damage with GDR to counteract. Maxima will work best alongside a Morty with one speed-boost. Gotta break those sheilds before laying down the damage. Stay tuned for updated Attack calculations based on Gorgo’s new HP.

I think the dream of the 8-turn Lux is dead short of two Mortys. It WILL be possible that way though. If two Mortys have an average damage of 3,157, they can one-shot the minions with no trouble using assistance of a buffer, while taking a considerable chunk or if Hadros. That means turn 2 would be 18,942+ for a 2-turn total of 28,413, which should finish Hadros even with a heal. The only question is the buffer. Tryo has too long of a delay. Irritator may run into issues on Turn 3 if speeds get thrown off (Lux’s Instant Distract.) So the best option would be Indoraptor2 with the MF, Cautious/Distract combo. Hope that helps?

  • Note: The average Morty Attack can be reduced by 40% of whatever Indoraptor2’s damage is.

*Also: This assumes no crits, which is unlikely. But I prefer to not take them for granted and have my strategies approach 100% completion rate. Feel free to reduce your Morty damage by up to 20% if you feel really lucky.

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Ah yeah forgot Lux starts with group shields.

Also hadn’t noticed Gorgo is losing 300 HP too.

Now for the bad news:
Here’s your minimum Mortem to meet those stats.

The reason thor’s GSI is so necessary is to crack shields so max can use decel & tenrex finishes gorg also double mortem can’t shield so your gonna eat those rampages.

Hmmm, that’s a fair point. As long as the Entelodon is down, it can’t buff the other minion or Hadros.

But equally, since Hadros might not be healing itself, the Diorajasaur should probably go for RS again to make sure the Gorgosaurus goes down after Hadros heals it and Thor Rampages.

Here’s something to ruin everyone’s day, the hardros lux starts with the move group TAUNTING shields, which is just another issue to add to the pile.