So let’s talk raids

Plenty of players have spoken of the way Mortem now seems hopeless for so many raids it was good for since the changes in this past update.

Now, since the hardest of raids Gorgotrebax is upon us it transpires that Morty, Dio and Gem are now only any good if they are low level or unboosted as they overpower the minions turn one. Was this intentional on the part of Ludia?
Are we really being punished for building our creatures up and applying boosts to them?
Surely the whole point of any game is to progress by using resources to get better, yet we are seeing more and more raids become impossible to complete with fully formed creatures!
Actually, come to think of it, perhaps it is the intention since apex creatures are pretty much now below unique in the pecking order. Give it a couple more patches and we will be beating apex raids with commons and rare dinos but the players who have them won’t be able to help will they? Anyone below level 18 who is bemoaning the fact that they can’t do apex raids should be grateful for the fact that they aren’t wasting time getting them now.
This is a nonsense now and honestly makes no sense.
For so many reasons players are asking if Ludia test before updates and changes. This is yet another example and I’ll ask again. Do you guys test these things out before releasing them?


It’s becoming more clear as time goes by @Schtemty that Ludia did not test this last patch. So many issues that would have been caught quickly had someone actually looked at the patch before releasing it.

I would also agree that with the changes Ludia keeps making it is getting harder to do raids. You have to have pretty specific levels to get it done, and sometimes those are lower than what would be viable for PvP, so you really need to have multiple accounts, one for raids and one for PvP.

The game is a hot mess right now.


Maybe if Ludia actually communicated in the way they said they would it might help?

We get patch notes that say Mortem isn’t performing as well as it should be and they do this!!!

Not to mention so many other glaringly obvious issues that serve annoy the players yet we hear nothing.

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Well in all honesty…. It was one of the few creatures if not the only one that is immune to vulnerable but lacked a cleanse vulnerability move :see_no_evil: they got that fixed :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


To fix mortem just make alert fatal a GROUP MOVE


make it cleansing impact

you dont need to use morty and dio for gorgotrebax raids.

this is a fast strat

Figured I might as well share this here. Hope this doesn’t count as necro-posting

There shouldn’t even be full cleansing moves on fierce to begin with but that’s another discussion. In my opinion they should have changed cleansing impact to something similar to ferocious strike/impact without modifying roar itself. By doing so it wouldn’t have lost its raid viability but would have been weaker against cunning. Also adding an on escape move to it wouldn’t hurt.