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So let's talk about the Indoraptor Gen 2 Model

I was looking at the model for Indoraptor Gen 2 and then remembered how different it looked in the release artwork, I think that the release artwork looks much better. The darker shade of grey, dark blue stripe and purple highlights really give it something, but i’d like to hear your opinions

iraptor G2

  • Release Artwork
  • In-game Model

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Maybe this is what it is going to look like at level 40.


unfortunately not but the level 40 version does look pretty good so im ok with it, the purple highlights are there though


i dont hack the game btw this is from someones youtube video


I just started to wonder…

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They don’t look much different to me, except the release artwork has the same colors greatly intensified. That’s typical for this sort of thing.

This G2 Indo sure looks more sinister than JWA’s (Jurassic World Alive’s) model. I think I like them both about the same, but I like seeing the two different versions

I think the release artwork is probably closer to the level 11-20 skin, maybe the 21-30 as well.

That looks super hacked

me not saddo, i swear

What does that mean?

i do not do the hack, i have pride

Ah i got it, whoever spends their time hacking mobile games must have no life

well, kind of yeah

i mean not really but you are ruining any sense of achievement, progress and point in playing by doing so

this game requires a lot of patience if you can’t handle waiting for stuff then maybe they should play something else


This game is no fun if you hack it. Games are supposed to be fun. Having every dinosaur in the game doesn’t make it very entertaining.

I personally like the release artwork better. The Indo gen 2’s color is too light.

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