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So long and thanks for all the meh

So I downloaded this game 3 or 4 days ago. My party is level 4 and like many others on this forum I am stuck and very very disappointed. The game is fun, its d&d on my phone which is awesome. What’s not awesome is the serious pay to play issue.

I’m not the only one who has said this. AND I understand that devs need to make money, everyone has bill and has to eat. But the paywall is ridiculous, a free to play game should be just that. You should be able to progress in the game for free, in game payments should be to make the game easier. Like a cheat console.

So out of gold and out of gems I’m going back to Neverwinter nights EE, which I happily paid for and will be buying expansions for. You lost a potential customer because of greed. Have a nice day.


Honestly, you aren’t wrong with how you went about it. Like me, you gave it a fair shake. I even tried a few different things to try and break the progression wall; it’s just not worth it. Good luck!

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