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So long for a while!

I leave for basic training July 8th for the marines ! I love each and everyone of you guys the best in luck while I’m gone. Just started my alliance a month or 2 back , just got Indo Rex . Gonna miss out on a lot of things while I’m gone. You guys be safe hunting ! Wish me luck , I’m gonna need it! Top Dinos ( Alliance name)
(Cast) username


Thanks, wishing you the best of luck!


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Thanks alot!

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God speed and good fortune to you sir!


Love this bro! Think i’ll Miss you guys more then anything!

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See ya in the near future!

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Serve our country proud!


See you soon buddy. Be safe out there

You got it! Keep us and our community safe. I wouldn’t want it no other way.

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I’m usually a tough guy but these comments are getting to me​:joy::weary:.

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Well notify you when JWA is fixed.
Gets notified in two years

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Wish I could triple like this haha. From boost to no new alliance missions. Hopefully they don’t have full scale cave men win I get back from basic training haha

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Good luck in the training, try not to let the drill sarge anger you into shooting him with a 7.62mm Full Metal Jacket round.


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Make America great again bud


Will do!! Thanks

Gonna try my absolute hardest! Thamks

Appreciation and respect are sent your way. Good luck with training and we will hold the fort in your absence :slightly_smiling_face:

Grats man!
Don’t volunteer.
Don’t stand out.
Blend in.
And do as you’re told.
Always remember it’s a mind game and don’t let the Instructor stress you.
(Easier said than done, but just play the game. LOL)


Here’s hoping you won’t get ignored if something happens to you like every other veteran.

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Thanks for serving our country!