So lucky last night

Last night I finally got enough money to evolve my Indominus Rex to level 20, which consumed nearly all my money as you can see lol, and I went around town when the coin limits reset to get money. This week, because Velociraptors were osrt of the event, I used up all of my common attempts on Velociraptors, and I had been going around at night catching raptor cuz that’s when they always spawn, and altogether I had collected almost 23,000 raptor DNA. A few weeks ago I had darted 28 points from an Indoraptor and j wanted to make sure I had enough to fully create it. So I now had the DNA to make it and after 4 FRUSTRATING 10’s in a row, the game started being generous to me, with an 80 and a 50 in a row, and I was able to fully create Indoraptor in one night!!! I cant believe it!!!


And just to point out this is my second play through (my first game account got permantelt banned even though I self reported myself 3 months earlier and did not cheat ever since). In my first game, creating Indoraptor took FOREVER!!! So I was really happy I was able to do this all in one night

Congratulation, and welcome to the fair play club. Sorry to say it but I agree with Ludia banning your first account. Unfortunately there seems to be no consistency with this. There is an alliance on the first page of the leaderboard where 3 of the top 4 players have no trophy rank yet are high enough to be raked in the top 30. @J.C @Ned How does that happen?

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At the moment cheaters can be in Alliances but it doesn’t affect Seasons as those are PvP. The Dev team is aware though and are discussing the situation.

As for cheater bans, we are still doing regular sweeps.

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Tbh i hardly pay attention to the Leaderboard anymore because its all rubbish really

@J.C we know it doesn’t affect Seasons. That is not the concern. Are they allow to transfer the DNA to another account in their Alliance? That is the isuue

The devs are discussing it. I get the frustration but all I can do is raise y’alls concern.

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Personally, I’m not worried about a handful of dna swapping hands b/w cheaters and legit players or what have you… I saw “regular sweeps” and I was satisfied :ok_hand:t2: Keep up the good work.


So I’m going to assume the can transfer their DNA to accounts that haven’t been flagged @J.C. I’m not trying to be difficult with you, thanks for raising the concern and moderating the board.

However, I bet everyone on here is dumb founded when we hear “the devs are discussing it”. What is there to discuss. Ludia as identified these accounts for cheating. The accounts should have been reset as was stated was going to be done. Keep the accounts flagged and if the cheat again ban them. Or, do not let them in an Alliance. Ludia as identified them as breaking the terms of service, yet the perception the company is giving by letting them transfer their DNA is that it is ok.

Regular sweeps don’t mean anything if they are still allowed to play.

@J.C Can I ask one more thing here. Since you aware the devs of our concerns reguarding the cheaters in alliances can you also make you sales or marketing team aware of this one.

Why are items in the shop so expensive? I see now in the shop there is a new premium incubator for 9340 bucks. That is like $80 - 90 Canadian. Why does everything have to be so expensive? You would sell way more of them if they were like 1000 bucks. We have 3 accounts in my family. I always try to buy the same for each to make it fair but this would cost almost $300 Canadian. I don’t get it. I can buy like 4 or 5 new games at eb games for that much.

If they were like 1000 bucks each I would buy one for each account which would be approx. $30 Canadian total. Instead at the prices listed I don’t buy any which means your company gets zero.

Cheaters are flagged and then if they continue perma-banned currently.

What I mean by dev’s discussing it is that they are exploring all options currently.

And yes, i can pass that feedback along.

Exactly i don’t care if is cheated dna

It feels that the cheater sweeps are letting a lot of spoofers slip through the cracks. People have hard to obtain dinos like tryko a higher level than easily obtainable (at least before 1.5) stegod and indoraptor.

Some examples:
There’s no way someone would get more kentro DNA than rex in the long run due to rex being global, kentro limited to one zone and both being daytime only.
No way to have more kentro than sino since they spawn in the same zone and kentro is day-only.
No way to have more erlik than mono, etc.
Unless someone is jumping by coordinates only to get dinos they need, of course.

No way to have tryko a higher level than stegod unless they purposefully ignore stegod components, which is kinda strange if they’re using it on their team. Stegod is made of a rare and 2 commons, all global pre-update. One would have stegod at 30 before tryko (3 epic components) reaches 25 (this is an understatement, many legit players have stegod at 30 before even being able to create tryko), even if they only hunt in the right zones/times for tryko. For spoofers, on the other hand, it’s easier to get a few anky/kentro by coordinates than to actually grind for stegod (you need to dart a lot more commons/rares to get a hybrid to level 30 than you would need epics).

There are many very suspicious teams up there. I don’t know what techniques you guys use to identify spoofers, but it feels like you’re not using these.

Maybe it’s best you delete my post so that less spoofers see it and start being more careful, but please, pass this along.

Yep. It’s a mystery alright. As a test last summer when my wife was away with kids I went out with another player for 4 days. Played about 8 hours a day to see what we could get playing that long. Now I don’t play that long in a week. In those 32 hours we did not see a single kentro, erlick or sino and maybe one anky. We caught about 10 trex and obviously lots of commons and rares.

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