So many 10's recently

I’m not by any means complaining about a free game (even though I do pay for the VIP pass) but just curious about something. Has anyone else noticed the increased amount of 10’s recently when fusing? Or is it because I’ve been working with mostly epics and legendaries recently? I’m not whining, just curious if others are experiencing the same


Some of the harder to create creatures have slightly higher chances on getting a 10, but not to great extent. I guess you’re mostly unlucky.

I have noticed a change somewhere. I have fused to many multifuses on even epics averaging 15 over 100’s of fuses for something not to have changed. You should never multifuse 20 and get 360 dna.

I’ve been getting a lot of 10s since they introduced the multi fusions.

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Yes, I am definitely getting more 10s than ever before. I was actually going to start a thread as well. Something changed!!! I did just level up to level 17, so I was wondering if that made a difference. It really stinks, this game has been losing its joy for me, bad fusing is a big part of it. Working so hard to collect DNA for a pitiful 10…

I know all about fusing 10s…but don’t worry, im sure the next fuse will be a 9 :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got a 60 today on the road to put my maxima to 24 :slight_smile: so it’s just luck!

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