So many bugs lately


Bugs in battle arena, with incubators, excess darts, spawns, the map, game loading, various visuals…

I don’t know what Dennis Nedry is stealing from Ludia, but he’s obviously up to something.


If they were as quick to fix the bugs and problems as they are your money things might be better. We can all dream right?

The game is all about crits and nullify now. It’s become so unbalanced it’s not uncommon to have a high level armor get one shotted by a no armor. It’s freaking ridiculous.

It’s almost like they don’t really care and aren’t really trying.

I would suggest not spending any more money if you have until they fix this flaming dumpster pile they’ve turned it into. It’s sad.


My game froze while I was opening a 8hr capsule and I think it disappeared. I don’t know what to do


Yup. Bugs galore…These days I have to try and defeat 4 opponent dinos instead of 3…


Hey Jess_Blaze, it’s possible that the contents from the Incubator were already added to your account when you opened it, despite the game crashing. However, feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key, and they should be able to clarify things up for you.


Hey Kerri, I’m sorry that happened. Our team is aware of some of the issues caused by certain dino abilities, and they’re still investigating. The thread here has a bit more information on this: Bug with hit and run / counter attack
If you have any more details, contact our support team at with your support key to assist them.


Hey cheers for the response Ned !!! Unexpected… All the best hunting bugs !


I just lost in a battle because my side froze & wouldn’t show what the competitor was doing. Wouldn’t change dinosaurs for battle or show the attacks. I was first to kill one of their Dino’s before it started acting up. Then all of a sudden they won.